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Is my money Haram or Halal?

I looked for a seller… I scammed him and didn’t pay him…

Should I take a chance with this man or not?

We have talked for at least two months, he seems to be a good guy as far as I can tell.

Being sent inappropriate pictures

When I was 14 an older man kept trying to talk to me. It escalated to him sending me inappropriate pictures of himself.

Naked picture

I sent a picture to someone I thought I loved and it got posted onto social media…

Heart broken

Lesson learned that he will definitely never be in my life again because he’s hurt me enough.. I just need some advice on how to move on from all this.

Should I keep trying online marriage sites?

I don’t like talking about myself (introducing myself) to potential spouses and I always wonder what if my future husband finds out I spoke to potential brothers about marriage.

I think I love someone online instead of being a married woman

I think I really love my husband and I don’t want to betray to him. But I can’t control my mind to the man online… I always think about to go to his country and live with him.

Online friends

I got back in touch with my online friends… Many were happy to see me back. But a few not so much…

How do I know if Allah wants me to marry him?

We met online and he asked me to get married. Because of circumstances we cannot meet face to face unless we are going to get married so meeting before we say yes is out of the question.

Sex education

Can I have sex education from internet?