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Should I take a chance with this man or not?

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Aoa, I'm a 23 year old girl and ive been talking to a person 6 years older than me. We talked for at least two months, he seems to be a good guy as far as I can tell. His career is the career that my parents say they would want my future husband to have, so I'm thinking at least he will be of my choice. But the problem is that we've been talking over social media. We do not know what the other person looks like. I know he isn't lying about his job or any other case. He talks to me as if he wants to marry me. He told me that his mother is making him marry a cousin which he doesn't agree with. He asks for my number or my picture but I have refused to do so because I've  never been in a relationship, he asks for a single call. It scares me that if I do give my picture or number it can either turn out good or extremely bad. And what if it doesn't work out, then if i get married to another person of the same career it would be weird if they met. I feel like giving my picture and saying you can send a proposal and leave it to our parents. I do not know what to do please help.


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  1. Salam,

    Get your Wali involved and have him decide to send a picture and call him. Get your two families to meet and see where it goes from there. Good luck.

  2. Salam, I believe you two should meet in a mutual space e.g a shop or something where many witnesses are present and take lots of your friends/family with you.

    I think you should defo look at the situation coz "his mom is is asking him to marry his cousin which he disagrees with" sounds like he's using you an escape to this marriage to me, if you're really unsure I sugest Salat ul istikhara.

    Take car, may Allah guide us.

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