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Marriage at 4 months pregnant

Now I’m not sure if this marriage is valid. As I have been hearing you can’t marry pregnant women.


A secret marriage while still married to first husband?

She wants that nobody else should be aware and for the outside world, she will have her hindu name and still married to her hindu husband.

Question on Nikah

Is it islamically right to object a marriage since it is a plural marriage and if in such a situation they pronounced their marriage without the knowledge of both the families, is it a valid one?

Marriage not registered in Shariah, is it valid?

My husband got married to converted muslim girl without my knowledge. The marriage is not registered in shariah court and their parents did not know.

Is my nikah valid?

He went prison, got another girlfriend. I do not wish to be with him and want to move on with my life but he is using this against me and manipulating me.

If a man recites his own khutaba a nikkah…

… is this nikkah valid or not?

Marriage After Kissing?

They got married without repentance to Allah. Is this marriage valid or not?