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My husband betrayed and lied to me; I don’t know what to do? Please advise me according to Islam.

am not sure what to do as I am young and don’t want to live with an aggresive controlling liar, but he is my husband after all! I was wondering in Islam what I should do? like I said I can’t seem to forgive him for the other child and have so much anger for him because of that.

Is cousin marriage allowed in this case in Islam?

My father’s elder brother is married to my mother’s elder sister. Is it permissible for me to get married to their son? Is marriage with two-sided cousin brother allowed in Islam?

Talking to fiance on phone.

Is talking to one’s fiance over the phone and text messaging forbidden in Islam? If yes, then how should they both get to know each other?

Engaged to a hindu girl who won’t change her name

I am a Muslim man, and I intend to marry a girl who is currently Hindu. She is ready to accept ISLAM, but, she doesn’t want to change her Hindu name. Will it be acceptable to do nikka without changing her name to a Muslim name?

Does Islam allow/consider halal such marriages?

Please advise me. Does Islam allow any man to marry his step elder brother’s(one father but two mother) or step elder sister’s grand daughter?

What does Islam say if a girl is forced to marry a man who she is not attracted to?

If the girl does not like that man and can’t think of even having a personal life with him which is obligatory after tying the knot into a marriage, what does Islam says in this regard? Please guide with best from Islam.

Are braces allowed if crooked teeth cause medical problems?

So to clarify your point (because I’m not sure if it is clear) – are braces allowed only if the crooked teeth cause medical problems? They are not allowed if they are merely to straighten the teeth to promote a nicer smile?

Losing virginity in Islamic perspective.

What happens to a woman who do not bleed in the first time she had intercourse with her husband, can he accuse her of not being a virgin? How to know if the woman is a virgin or not if not based on the hymen? Does a woman who masturbated is considered as not a virgin? What are the ways for a woman to stop from masturbating? How to repent to Allah and never go back again in repeating the sin?

Is watching pornographic material haram in Islam?

I am Muslim and unmarried person; I have heard that watching adult porn videos is not a sin because it is done by the non-Muslim girls and women. However, I heard that it’s haram for Muslim woman to watch such things. I am in dilemma becasuse I have watched porn videos so many times.