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I was told to change my baby’s name, Sajdaa

I have a baby girl and her age is 2 years. We choose ‘SAJDAA’ as her name. But recently I was informed that to change this name.

I want a beautiful name for my newborn baby

I recently had a baby and need help deciding on a name.

Validity of My Name According to Islam

My surname is one of the names of Allah. I’m very confused about what I’m supposed to do.

Can I call my baby girl Ameliah?

Some Muslim name websites list this name and some don’t. Please clarify and let me know.

Rahil as a name

God has blessed me with a baby boy, and I am wanting to keep the name Rahil. But I am a little unclear and confused as to whether it would constitute a good name, or indirectly a bad meaning name. Please help!!!

I’m Hindu and I want to convert but not change my name

Is it possible to convert to Islam without changing my name? My name is not a religious name its Shikha. It means top as well it is not against Islam. please help me.

Do I need to change my name once I convert to Islam?

Im in the process of learning about Islam, i still dont know a lot but I am looking to convert in the near future and would like some help on wether I should change my name or not, and what would be a suitable muslim name if so.

I’m tired, I need a new way of life, a new religion

I’m very tired of being physically, verbally, and sexually abuse/harassed throughout my life. I’m constantly depressed every time. I need a new way of life. I always seek the Bible for help but right now, I’m lost…

Does my fiancee need to change his name?

My fiancee’s name is Manjhu. He converted to islam recently. Is this name is unislamic? Does he have to change it?

Is Jay a muslim name?

Is Jay a muslim name?