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Can I call my baby girl Ameliah?

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In shaa allah my baby girl is due in a month and i really like to name her Ameliah. Some muslim name websites list this and some dont, the origin based online seems to be european however it is spelt and has a meaning of beautiful in arabic. Some people say no i cant have it and some otherwise, really have to get to the bottom of this as time is ticking. Please clarify and let me know, jazkallah!



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  1. Dear Sister,

    I suggest you ask an Imam in your area or an Islamic scholar.

    May Allah grant you a pious and healthy child.

  2. Salam alaikum sister,

    MashAllah that you are expecting a baby girl! Choose wisely your baby's name as she will grow up inshAllah to become the match to that name.

    I have done some reasearch and I have found that Amelia is a purely secular name. Although it is a name in the Arabic speaking world, it is not a name connected to any Muslim hadith or the Quran sharif. It is the same as naming a child Ashley or Kayla or Megan...they have no meaning to Christians yet they are used as Christian names all the time, and many people will extract meaning from their parts.

    That being said, I must disclose that I am not a scholar or Imam so It is really hard to say if the name is going to be appropriate without speaking to an Imam first. InshAllah you will find the perfect name for your baby girl, and she will grow up to be a lovely and responsible woman.


  3. I would do research sister.

    Islamic etiquette of naming your children.

    It's your decision.

    I personally don't think every female in the muslim world needs to be called Ayesha or Fatima I like original names as well. I am having a hard time with a boys names., 6 months and the clock is ticking. Lol. And most prophets in Islam were not Arabs! So I don't know why people have a fascination with names with arabic meaning. If it's beautiful in your language and sounds unique, I think that's also acceptable.

    Allah knows best.

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