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Should I stay with him?

My husband is egotistic and not very Islamic. When I talk about Islam he gets annoyed.

I feel like I’m wasting my time waiting for him to change

I always felt like he isn’t the one I could live my life with… Over the past year there is an ever growing distance between us.

Life is difficult with a husband who is not a practicing Muslim

I am sad and lonely and as if there is no peace in this marriage…

Unsure about my marriage

I feel stuck. I am in love with him but I can not see a future with him as the father of my future children or even as an ideal Muslim husband.

Should I continue relationship with a non-practising Muslim man?

Should I break up as he is not practicing muslim or should I take risk of doing ruksati with him and try to convince him gradually?

Alcoholic and cheating husband

I have left all the haram things and started to practice Islam. My husband still drinks alcohol and goes out with his friends. I have seen lipstick stains on his shirt.