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I Feel I’m Unqualified For Marriage Or Fatherhood

I can produce amazing results but someone has to push me. Someone has to manually make my parts move. I do not function on my own.

My husband considers my niece a true Muslim but says I am not

Why is she a true Muslim and I am not? It is her destiny but do I not make it possible? Why is so hard for some Muslims to accept somebody who converted to Islam?

Pregnant with his child but losing my friend

We began a relationship…We are now expecting our first child together… What can be done to help my child have both parents?

In need of parenting advice

My daughter is 5.5 years old now, she really is a good girl with a good heart, but I fear we’ve spoiled her.

Should I have a child to make him happy?

I have been married for 7months alhamdullah and have been very happy. Marriage is very sacred to me and I love my husband very much, alhamdullah. However my husband has always wanted children much more than me

Should I leave him as he won’t marry me or just stay for the sake of our children?

I have been in a relationship for 5yrs with a Pakistani man and I have 2 children with him and my other children all think he is their dad. He wont marry me. I new him for 18months before we got together when my daughter was just born then I had my son and he still wanted relationship with me. I do everything myself I take nothing from him he gives me nothing in return. Also I didnt find out till after a few years he has a wife and has kids with her; now I feel very trapped.

How to make children offer salaah and remaining unmarried in Islam?

Our’s is a big family. I have my nieces and nephews around me all the time. Older grandchildren of my parents have already crossed their teens now. A few of them MashaAllah are blessed with inborn good qualities but, many are not. Most of them don’t obey their elders and don’t offer namaz inspite of regular reminder by all the elders…

My 11 year old daughter has a crush

As a father, I dont know how to approach her on the subject and how to tell her right from wrong on these matters. I would appreciate some parenting advice on this matter.

Seeking Allah’s help to solve all problems in my marriage.

My problem is that within 4 months into our marriage, he was diagnosed with diabetes. Since then, either he or I have been facing health problems one after another. Also, we are unable to have a baby and my treatment fell through as well…

Parents are still punishing me for things that happened a long time ago

I’m 17 years old and I am having a lot of problems with my parents. I made mistakes in my past when I first started high school. My parents were so harsh on me when they found out about it all. I did feel guilty and since then I am trying to fix my life up and just be a good Muslim and make my parents happy.