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Divorce in case of invalid marriage in Islam and remarry the same person.

My parents won’t accept the marriage without giving divorce to him because according to shareah it is invalid.

Can we do two Nikkahs?

In this case is it okay for me and this girl to do nikka and do another one after I finish school in front of my parents?

Parents are not willing to marry me of my own choice

I have explained my parents that I’m already 31 and apart from his anger he doesn’t have any bad habit apparently. But my parents don’t even want to investigate and meet their family.

My family are not letting me marry the girl I want!

I don’t want my relationship with my family to be bad because of a girl but at the same time I love this girl and I can’t let her go.

I need to choose between my husband and my parents… Help!

I got married to him through his family… I informed this to my family. They were so shocked that they said they are never going to accept this marriage. in fact they want me to separate from him & get me married to some other guy of their choice.

We’re from different sects

His is an orthodox family… They have met me now and still oppose a marriage. How long should I wait for him?

Married without her parents consent!

I have spoken to her brother and he said they will get her married to someone else without getting a divorce from her husband. In their eyes I am not her husband as they have not accepted our marriage.

Caste and language barriers to marriage

I’ve decided i really want to get married, he comes from a very good respected islamic family and i want to marry him and no one else… But we speak different languages, and my parents will have a fit if they find out he’s not of our caste.

Her wali opposed nikah for non-Islamic reasons

Her family are saying that our Nikah is Haraam… They won’t let her stay with me.

Want to marry a revert but family won’t accept..

My family won’t accept it due to culture and what other people would think! What do I do?