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Is it inappropriate or sinful to dream about someone you love as your future husband?

My fiance left me after relations

I am thinking of not getting married ever as it would disclose my secret. I am confused, lost and disturbed.

I need help to avoid an illicit relationship

The physical part of my marriage is almost over and slipping into an illicit relationship with this woman is so easy…..

Can I do istikhara to find out the truth?

Can I do istekhara to seek the truth on their physical relationship, kissing, hugging, sex etc?

What to do with my husband and my lover?

My husband and his famiy were abusing me so I left him … After separation with my husband, a Muslim guy was a friend… we had physical relations…

He’s changing his mind about us after sex.

Now he is changing. When I said about engagement, he wasn’t interested.

Is oral sex haram in Islam?

Me and my Wife are married and have one question in our mind for many year and it is:

Is sucking the genital area haram in Islam?

My sexual feelings are taking control over my life

Before I knew much about Islam, I dated many men and have performed many sexual acts with them. I obviously didn´t think much about the religious factor involved in doing such haram things. I had my first boyfreind when I was around 15, we never did anything apart from holding hands and hug. After my first boyfriend till my fifth boyfriend I didn’t do much more than holding hands and hugging.

In a secret relationship with my cousin, our parents don’t know


I’m a 15 year old girl, and I’m in a relationship with my cousin. I’ve known him all my life, and so have my parents.

I feel like he’s the one, but it’s just not happening

I am stuck in a very nasty situation. I met a brother from my sect on facebook. He wrote about how his niece is sick and he needs a miracle prayer. I sent him a message regarding his niece and that I’d pray for him. I did not expect him to reply to me. But he did. He got my email address and sent me a lengthy email.. and started sending me emails.