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So confused… was this Allah’s will?

Some days I get really depressed and ask myself why did this happen?

I’m lost on what to do…

I have been with this girl for 2 years… she keeps looking at the stuff I did and judging me for it saying I’m the devil and that I can never change.

Should I divorce her?

She has now left me and is asking for Divorce…

Pregnant and engaged – under pressure to get an abortion.

My fiancé is threatening to call off our wedding and to leave me because he wants the abortion…

I am living in pain

He told me not to go see him because he is not stable yet, but the truth is that he had his mom arrange a wife for him in Afghanistan.

Heartbroken that he doesn’t want me

I always used to call him by 9 o’clock at night because that is my dinner break at the office, but he won’t respond to me clearly. I thought that he might be busy, but this happened daily. One fine day I asked him about it, and he said that he had a girlfriend and that he still loves her and is not ready to marry me. He told me to marry someone else.