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My MIL imposes authority over me and my husband and he doesn’t find it bad

I find it really disheartening that I’m living with her against my likeness, living a lifestyle that she’s set… I have already given up a lot of rights and she won’t let me go and spend some time at my parents house comfortably. My husband finds it fine.

Problems in Marriage and Mother In Law – Please Help

I have no one to speak to regarding this and just do not know what to do anymore.

Her husband tells every minor thing to his mother

My friend is living in a joint family system. Her husband doesn’t understand that some things can be kept secret without informing his mother.

Living an undesired life

I want separation or to run away from all this.

Issues with mother in law

She moans a lot all night while being physical… it’s awkward and embarrassing.

My Husband is different after marriage

I want to fix things but I am losing hope as his behaviour becomes worse each day.

Mother in-law wants to move in

I love my husband and and I respect his mother, but there is just no way that I want to cram her into my life and one bedroom apartment.

I need help with my mother in law

My husband does not speak up for me. He stays quiet when his mother swears at me and calls me disgusting names. I am very worried she may have done black magic or something similar.

Mother in law making bad duas

She is very dominating, she wants everything her way. If anything goes wrong she will start screaming and doing bad duas. Not only me but she says bad duas for her own children.

Should I leave?

My husband is totally on his mum’s side and doesn’t care about the effect on me… To them I am a cleaner and cook, nothing else.