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Regretting something in life.

Firstly, is there any dua that can help me cope with regret? Secondly, I need know, is there such a thing as “destiny made by Allah” or do we all make our own destiny? In other words, have I altered my whole life (negatively) by calling the wedding off? Or was I never destined to end up with him?


How can I stop my hair loss?

I’m greatful with what Allah has given me, as long as my hair stays like this I don’t mind but if it continues the way it is I’m worried I wont have much hair left. Everytime I comb my hair my tears just rush out

Of duas and fears

Please tell me I should get a life and hold onto the rope of Allah even more strongly and instill some sense into me. I really need to hear some words of wisdom and good advice.

Please help; I want to like Allah but I can’t because I am unhappy.

No one in this world like’s me not even the creator. So what can I do ? I won’t lie to Allah that I like Him because I don’t like Him much more and that is me being sincere.

The man I wanted is marrying someone else; was it divine destiny?

Did I get sick because it was predestined that this man would meet the other woman and they would get married? What should I do to stop being depressed and feeling like my chance at marriage has slipped away because of my own actions?

Can dua change what is written? Can I get my husband back?

If it is said that everything is written about what and when things will happen, then what about dua? I had broken up with my husband, I loved the most. He cheated and is with someone else now, its been over a year almost. Now I prayed and prayed that he comes back and loves me and that things work out, as he is all the sukoon and love I need. I have this idea, whatever ALLAH Almighty does is for the better but can’t duas get me what I’m happy in and make that thing good for me? I’m depressed and have attempted suicide because I couldn’t take the pain.