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My 37-year-old sister won’t help us with chores!

I am one of four sisters, and the only one in the household who helps my mom with her chores. How can I get my other sisters to pitch in?

My cousins are astray…how do I advise them?

It turns out that my cousin is dating this drunkard, drug addict guy, and that she even plans to marry him as soon as possible…she doesn’t even want to continue with her studies!

She told her friend to get an abortion….now what?

Is it equal to killing the baby?

Needing advice

He demands to still be a father to our child but has not financially supported our child since he left us.

Is it a sin to let someone commit a sin?

My roommate is dating a guy and spending nights with him, feeding me lies that she’s going to some relative’s home. What is my responsibility in this?

Having problems with living as a joint family

My wife consistently tells me that it is not her responsibility to take care of my parents. I agree, but I have a responsibility to my parents. My mother is a very sick woman and she has never committed a wrongdoing on my wife.

My husband does everything for his brother’s wife

am starting to feel like his sister-in-law doesn’t respect our marriage and she feels it’s ok to have my husband out at 1 am with her kids and her doing grocery shopping while I am alone at home and her husband is at his business which is open 24 hours. I don’t understand why she would not tell my husband it’s ok that she can do groceries with her husband the following day?

I managed to bring my husband back, but he has no transparency

I am hesitant to let him back into our lives and he never really asks about the children – he calls or sends txts passed midnight when the kids are asleep – I sometimes speak to him but am concerned about the lack of transparency on his part

What are my responsibilities towards my husband’s son from his previous relation?

As I am second wife and have a 2yr old daughter alhumdulillah living in Australia with my husband. His ex wife lives in another country with her family and my husband got a son from previous marriage. They got divorce when their son was 2m old so little rely that boy didn’t see his father like that to remember but my husband pays his expenses also my mother in law visit her grandson often.

Should my brother marry the girl he made pregnant?

I need an advice, my brother impregnated a non-Muslim girl. At first we were open to the idea of marriage between them, but the problem is, we cannot take the girl’s attitude. She causes a lot of drama in my brother’s life and even to us.