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She told her friend to get an abortion….now what?


Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu..

If a girl makes du'aa that her friend should get an abortion, is it equal to killing the baby? How she should ask repentance to Allah (swt)?

Please help!


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  1. Firstly it all depends on the age of the fetus before you can take an abortion because by a certain period the soul would have been installed and if its killed at this stage then it would be considered murder.

    And you can't make ridiculous duas like that. God is not gonna bend his rules for you. Wishing abortion on someone if you find that as a novel act then I must be dreaming . It's not your baby to begin with for you to wish that upon anyone and don't encourage people down the zina route.

  2. Asalaamualaykum Najm,

    There is a specified period of time after which the baby cannot be aborted. As Brother Ahmed says, it's because Allah blows the soul into the fetus at that time. I also wonder what circumstances led you to make this dua? Because whether you verbalize something or not, Allah knows your intentions, your thoughts, and your heart. Does your friend have some kind of illness that could be passed down to a baby? Or is she herself too weak to take care of a baby? Remember that Allah takes care of every single creature on this earth, but we still have responsibility for our actions and for trying our best to do the right thing. Not consciously doing something to hurt or harm someone, all the while thinking that we can always just ask for repentance. We have responsibility as adults. Inshallah the best has indeed happened whatever the conclusion.



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