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Will I be forgiven if I do this?

Aborting a child is not only socially or morally wrong but also haram in Islam unless practised for right reasons

Will I be forgiven?


I'm 17 weeks pregnant and am not married.

I know I have committed a sin before marriage.

I'm considering an abortion and would like to know if, Islamically, I will be forgiven for going through with an abortion? I wouldn't be able to provide for the baby given my circumstances and my family would disown me.

Please can I have some advice?


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  1. Ws

    Firstly, you cannot have an abortion as the foetus is 17 weeks old and life (soul/ruh) has already been breathed into the baby. If you were to have an abortion you would be committing murder in Islam and the punishment for that is that you will have the same amount of sin as if you killed the whole of mankind. So, please do not kill the baby, it is far worse than any consequence you could possibly face here on earth.

    The Islamic view as to when life starts in a foetus is either 40 days - incidentally that's when electrical activity in the brain starts or three months. Either way, you have passed both of these dates

    As to your options, I don't know exactly what country you are in, but from your diction I would assume you are living in an English speaking country. If that is the case, you will be able to get the support of social services who will eventually provide you with your own home if your parents do disown you. You will also get financial support from the government.

    Your other options are to marry the father of your child if that is at all possible - this is your best option. Tell him you are having this baby as you are not allowed to have an abortion and what he wants to do. If he is agreeable, get married asap, with or without your parents consent or even his parent's consent. You cannot murder a child just to make your family happy.

    I know its a very difficult choice but given the choice between murdering a helpless baby or you and your parents baring social stigma and shame, Allah would ask you to do the latter as he has forbidden murder in the strongest way possible. If you do decide to have an abortion, that baby will ask you on judgement day why you had murdered it and no amount of social stigma or shame or loss of parental support will justify his/her killing. You will almost certainly be condemning yourself to hell.

    So your best option is to get married with the father and if that is not possible then to make other arrangements so that you can have the baby even if it means your parents will disown you.

    As to providing for the baby, don't worry about that, Allah will provide for the baby - the baby is innocent and Allah will take care of him/her like he takes care of the 7 billion of us. You should ask Allah's forgiveness and help in looking after the baby.

    You never know, Allah may be so pleased with your decision to have the baby despite it being so difficult for you that he will bless you abundantly through the baby.

    • Upon sincere repentance, Allah, the most Gracious and the most Merchiful will forgive you in Sha Allah for the zina part, I hope. But the next preventable major sin which u are choosing between akhira and earthly social stigma which is actually outcome of your wrong choice previously, Like the previous answer , you will have to face your baby's innocent his murdering justice. So my request you follow the previous answer cause for now it's the best option as far I think. May Allah forgive us all and keep us away from sins and remember that everything is a choice and we are responsible for them

  2. It's far too late to get an abortion now that you have completed almost 3/4 of the pregnancy . If you did abort then it would be considered as murder and you would get punished for it. And that would mean you committed 2 major sins. Your family right now is just the shaitan telling pressuring them who then pressure you.

    Just prepare yourself to leave the family home. Its better than being kicked out unexpectedly whilst pregnant. And your family will most likely treat you badly. Go to your local housing authority and tell them you're pregnant and need a home as you're in danger of being kicked out to the streets.

  3. You cannot get an abortion at 17 weeks. The fact that you think you can, combined with the fact that you have unprotected sex outside of marriage while not being able to take responsibility for the risks you tells me you have a lot of maturing and growing up to do.

    So yeah, I don't think there's a point in answering your question when you're more or less forced to have the baby at this point. Where is the father in all of this mess? Why isn't he stepping up? You shouldn't have to be the only one that worries for this baby and should provide for it. Take whatever action you can take to make sure the father doesn't get away with the mess he's put himself and you in.

    If keeping the baby is absolutely not an option, I guess adoption is your only bet. Maybe it's even the best bet...a baby needs mature and responsible people to look after it, which you and your sex partner are clearly not.

    Please learn from your mistake.

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