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I married, had an abortion, and got divorced

Aborting a child is not only socially or morally wrong but also haram in Islam unless practised for right reasonsI did my nikaah last Ramadhan as we agreed on doing the walima and moving in after Ramadhan.. the guy said he doesnt have enough money to do all the things he promised..

Anyway i got pregnant i don't know what happened I found myself thinking of getting an abortion. to which I did SubhannAllah. how it happened I can't recall.. afterwards we all happened last year.

in early January I had a surgery to remove I have so many regrets about everything.. I'm afraid of falling into depression. sometimes I'm thinking I rushed things. plus the surgery though it was affecting my health.. the worst thing is my ex is in the picture.. I want him back so badly I'm afraid of committing zina with him.. what should I do??????

- windhowk

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  1. This is a simple answer to your issue and that is to get married to him. You guys gonna be intimate anyway so might as well do it the halal way. And in the future explain your problem properly and not just rush it, or else you will just get generic answers

  2. Assalaamualaykum Windhowk,

    I think you should remarry the brother as the above advisor said.

    And Allah knows best 🙂



  3. You can't remarry him directly. You need to do halala first. My advice would be to forget this guy and look for someone better

    • John Doe, you are doubly wrong. First, she can indeed remarry him, unless they have been divorced three times, in which case she cannot. Secondly, "halala" was cursed by the Prophet (sws) and is haram. Please acquire some basic knowledge before you seek to advise people.

      Wael Editor

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