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Marriage Sunnah or Fard?

I think I don’t want to get married. Will I be sinning if I remain unmarried?

Love of Allah

I have a few questions and I need your suggestions.

I have some questions about dua

I am confused about because of different opinions I have read online and I would like to go with what the prophet PBUH did.

My parents are forcing me to get married

My siblings are saying me that you are committing a sin, Allah wont accept your Ibadat and all. But i really dont want to get married.

Is exchanging wedding rings haram?

Please enlighten me with some evidence from the sunnah that it is a prophetic practice.

When must I shave?

When is it necessary for me to shave or cut my hair?

How should women pray Salaah?

I live in Bangladesh and people teaching us a Arabic or salah are called huzur. My huzur as well as my mother”s huzur taught us that male and female have different sitting position after sajud (prostration). But recently I’ve seen a youtube video which show how to pray like Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) and it didnt show how female sitting should be different. So I went on to browse on such topics but didn’t really understand.

Is it necessary to have a beard in Islam

I am a muslim, is it necessary to grow a beard? i find myself incomplete without following the actions of my prophet MOHAMMAD PEACE BE UPON HIM, is it a sin not keeping the beard?

The Less Religious she Gets the More Worried I am about Getting Married

The story begins many years ago when I had become friends with a girl in my class. We quickly became good friends but because of the religious difference between us, we were friends and nothing else.

Husband won’t allow me to wear niqab

We have a disagreement about my right to chose to wear the niqab.

I have felt this tugging at my heart for years, even bought a few almost 4 years ago to secretly try. I decided that I was not strong enough then to wear it SubhonAllah. However since then my heart &knowledge for Islam has grown 10 fold. I completely feel ready to wear niqab InshaAllah.

When I approached my husband about it he said absolutely not. I have tried to soften his heart but he says now is not the time. I’ve cried over this too many times.