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Interference in marriage, causing unhappiness

My test here comes from my parents and family… I’m feeling helpless stuck between two parties.

My parents wishes or mine?

They drove me to study hard to get a scholarship, only to deny me the opportunity to go once I get it. And I’m afraid now, that history will repeat itself.

Having to choose between my parents and husband???

My dad told me I have only one day to decide to leave or stay.
If I leave, I can’t see my family anymore. If I stay, I can’t see him anymore. I am torn.

Should I give up?

He is not feeling content or satisfied from this proposal. I really want to marry this guy but I also don’t want to hurt my parents.

In a haram relationship, negative dream but ready to marry someone else

A proposal has come for me… I decided to see this guy behind my boyfriend’s back. I started to have second thoughts about my current boyfriend…

I’m a hostage of love, against my wish…..

I am a 14 year old tenth grader. Being forced to be in love has to probably be the worst of all situations…

I am a convert who needs some advice on my non practising fiancé

Is it wrong to be planning my life with someone who although brought up Muslim does not follow God’s will?

Husband leaving for 6 years to study abroad

I am a teenager and my husband and I live separately due to family. My parents do not let me meet him incase I get pregnant. He will be leaving to go to study for 6 years. All I want is to be with him but he cannot take me. He asked me if he should stay or go…?

Family will disown me if I choose an Arab, so who do I choose?

I have been with someone for many years and we decided to get married and are really happy. Keep in mind I began talking to this Palestinian man when I wasn’t religious and as time passed I am more religious and do my best to keep it this way. He was never religious and still isn’t but with my help he is learning to change and is a really nice guy…

Parents want me to forget this guy, but …

I have mentioned him to my parents so that I could see him openly and not behind their backs. After a while though, my parents did not like me seeing him. He is a pious guy who is good to his elders and family. The main reasons they do not want me to see him anymore is perhaps because of his monetary status..