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Learning about Islam as a transgender male

I am a transgender man who is interested in Islam, but I don’t know how the sharia law would view my case. I am currently considering talking to an Imam.


I have committed zina and even worse I found out that she was a transgender.

I am a post-op transsexual marrying a Muslim, will I be accepted?

I was diagnosed with gender identity disorder and transitioned. Will this marriage work? Will I be accepted as female?

Gender identity

I’m a girl. But I strongly feel like a boy. Who I am right now, the girly me, is all fake, and I can’t stand this anymore.

Am I transgender?

Does this make me a transgender?? I am very uncomfortable thinking that I might be one and have gender dysphoria.

Sexuality and gender in Islam

What is and isn’t against Islam in sexual preference?

I want to stop sinning and become a good muslim

I paid a transgender woman to spend the night with me. Things went too far…

Is transgender haram?

To be honest I really want to be just a girl – is this wrong? Are hormones and SRS haram?

Transgender – need advice

My depression got worse to the point where I was having thoughts of killing myself. I went to therapy and made a decision to accept it (being transgender) and do something about it. I’ve told my siblings and they’ve been supportive, but how do I tell my parents?

Am I a Girl or a Boy?

as far as i could remember i was being molested by 5 men by the age of 5, no body told me it was bad i liked it and by the age of 7 i was seeking it, around that time it was brought to my attention that i was very feminine, i was sad because i thought i was normal until i was called names by kids at school for being me, i then became sad depressed and lonely in a nation that has no tolerance for anyone who is different we are very ugly to those who are abnormal,