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I have committed zina and even worse I find out that she was a transgender. Will allah forgive and does the homosexual act count cause I didn't know at the time and I'm not homosexual


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  1. Assalamu alaikum,
    Allah forgives whom He wills. Your best chance of securing His forgiveness is to pray Tawbah, and the key to this is sincerity - that means promising from the bottom of your heart that you will never ever do this sin again and really meaning it. If you just go through the motions of asking for forgiveness without really regretting what you have done then expect Allah's punishment. But if you truly intend to turn over a new leaf in your life then you have every reason to be full of hope.

  2. Assalaamualaikum

    Zina is a grave sin, and you need to repent for this, but Allah is Most Merciful, so trust in Him. Pray tawbah, resolve never to return to this sin, and make changes in your life so that you don't end up in this situation again. Use this as a wake-up call to change your life and become closer to Allah before it is too late.

    I would also recommend that you get yourself checked for sexually transmitted diseases. I'm assuming you didn't know this person very well, so you don't know their sexual history. You can inshaAllah make an appointment at a local sexual health clinic, or if there isn't one your doctor should be able to do the tests. When it comes to your health, and the health of others (your wife or future wife), you can't afford to take chances!

    Midnightmoon editor

  3. How do you have intercourse with a trans and not know

    • i have a feeling he meant gay. cuz like trans would be pretty obvious, so i think he meant the person's sexual orientation was haraam & she might have been doing immoral things with different genders that could cause him to catch something from her.

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