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As-salamu alaykum everyone,

Please be aware that there are certain subjects that will closed to future posts on this website. All posts submitted about these subjects will be deleted.

Of course everyone's personal situation is unique, but when it comes to questions about what is halal or haram, there is no need for endless repetition.

Therefore the following subjects are now closed:

1. Specific sexual acts - are  they halal or haram? This has been done to death on this site. If a person is having sexual difficulties in their marriage, we can address that. But we will NOT publish any more questions asking whether masturbation or oral sex are halal or haram, how to stop masturbating, etc. This applies to ALL specific sexual acts. Check our archives.

2. Triple talaq (pronouncing divorce three times) - is it valid or invalid? This has been answered repeatedly on this website and on all other Islamic fatwa sites.

3. Marriage between Sunni and Shiah - is it allowed? We have answered this more than a dozen times. Search our archives.

4. Hair care - Permissibility of plucking eyebrows, questions about shaving or trimming the private areas, shaving legs or any other body area. Check our archives.

5. Philippines law - We get many questions from Filipinos (men and women) who have converted to Islam (often in the Gulf countries) and want to know how to annul their previous marriages, whether their new marriage will be recognized in the Philippines, and other legal issues. I'm sorry, but we don't know. We (the Editors) don't live in the Philippines and we're not lawyers. You need to consult an attorney.

6. Istikhara dreams - This isn't closed yet, but I'm preparing a permanent page on this subject, and when that's completed it will be closed.

I will probably add to this list as time goes by.

It's not that we don't want to answer your questions. Rather, we have already answered these particular questions multiple times, and the answers don't change. We'd like to focus our resources where they can do the most good.

Wael Editor

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  1. fine
    let us see what will follow next
    GOODLUCK chief.

  2. A very befitting decision

  3. but what i have noticed since i have joined this page that many people are only interested in questions like masturbation, sex, marriage, sexual parts, satisfaction and all that. and Thank God it is now over. please close the topic of sexual positions and how to satisfy your wife coz then you can consult your elder or any of your married friends. such questions are a time waste for people like me living in hell.
    i joined this page cause i thought it would increase my Islamic knowledge related to Quran but i was disappointed to find out it was very much about matrimonial issues and sexual issues. i appreciate you give befitting advice on violence, abuse problems like this but not private parts and sexual satisfaction please!!!

    • It is closed because already there are similar posts and good amount of solutions/comments by many brothers/sister .Any body can refer to similar posts from old archives in future .
      These are not closed because they are bad or dirty .

  4. Asalam o Alaikum. It is a very good decision. The questions were becoming very redundant and you couldn’t tell one from the other. May Allah bless all, who are helping our brothers and sisters getting a better understanding of Islam. Wasalam.

  5. Aslm good decision brother looking forward to all knowledge to be gained.In shaa Allaah

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