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A Valid Marriage?

I fear my father would kill me or disown me and make all my family disown me.

Question on Nikah

Is it islamically right to object a marriage since it is a plural marriage and if in such a situation they pronounced their marriage without the knowledge of both the families, is it a valid one?

Marriage not registered in Shariah, is it valid?

My husband got married to converted muslim girl without my knowledge. The marriage is not registered in shariah court and their parents did not know.

Valid marriage and polygamy?

Will there be any problem if he will marry his non-muslim girlfriend in the philippines after we get married?

Can she be my second wife?

Is it is possible to marry with the daughter of sister in law?

Questions about the validity of my previous marriage

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful Brothers and Sisters, Please enlighten me. I was married in 2006 in a Catholic Church in the Philippines. From 2007, my husband and I did not live together due to a lot of things. I converted to Islam last July 2014. Can you please advise me whom to […]

My atheist jewish partner will convert to marry me

He comes from an atheist jewish family, and believes there is a possibility of a God, but he is not convinced of it. He’s agreed to convert in name, practice with me as much as I need, and to take a personal and academic interest in Islam as far as possible. He’s agreed to raising our children Muslim so long as they can participate in Jewish holidays, which I am fine with.

Husband is in prison, we were married by proxy

My husband is incarcerated at this time, and has been for 14 years. We’ve been married for five months now but by proxy.

Is a marriage that has never been consummated a valid one?

My friend has been having trouble with her marriage and basically came to me for some moral support. During the conversation she let slip that her husband and her had never consummated their marriage.

Wife wants divorce, but is a marriage without intimacy even valid?

I have been with my wife for nearly 4 years. In this time we have never had any physical contact of any sort. I have been pushed away many of times and eventually I gave up on any intimacy. As I have been patient and not forced the issue, questions have risen by her parents that nothing is happening between us.