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My MIL imposes authority over me and my husband and he doesn’t find it bad

I find it really disheartening that I’m living with her against my likeness, living a lifestyle that she’s set… I have already given up a lot of rights and she won’t let me go and spend some time at my parents house comfortably. My husband finds it fine.

Visiting parents after marriage

My husband says it hurts him that I go to see my parents so often, so I cannot go.

Respecting wife’s family

My husband does not respect my family.

Feeling less as a wife

I always fought for equality with my brothers at home but now I feel worthless as a wife. It’s more like a maid.

Not feeling it

I’ve been married for over 4 years now and I don’t feel happy with my married life.

Can I go and see my parents when I want?

Apparently I shouldn’t go back often because I should prioritise my husband and his family first.

My Mother-in-Law Controls My Life

I’ve lost my self esteem I am no longer happy or have that glow in my eyes. I feel depressed and I cry easily. I feel like a wild bird in a cage who is being taught how to be domesticated. I don’t want to do anything crazy, I just want simple dinner parties with other couples at our home, or simple stuff like that.

Husband sits at home with no job; Is she wrong for asking him to find a job before she can agree to stay with him?

This post is regarding my sister. She married a year and a half back at the age of 18yrs and was engaged for 3 yrs. Now she has a beautiful daughter Allhamdullilah. She came home these days for Ramadan. Now she doesn’t want to go back. The problems she faced living with her husband in our home country are first of all her husband doesn’t work. He doesn’t gets a big fat income and is not ready for a small income. We have been paying her’s, husband’s and daughter’s expenses from day one.