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We are abusive toward each other but I don’t know how to end the relationship

I want to terminate this relationship although it is extremely difficult. His attitude is deplorable and I am equally responsible for this mess. The stigma surrounding break up is huge.

Cruel and abusive husband, I cannot escape

My husband is cruel and abusive. This has gone on for many years. I want to escape but I don’t know how.

Desperate for a Divorce

I’ve been with a bad husband for 11 years. I’m desperate for a divorce but no one will grant it.

I need to know if it is a normal marriage

Trust me I do whatever he says, whenever he says. We dont fight like a normal couple because I don’t complain or misbehave with him, and I am being completely honest to you about it. I just can’t start an argument, because even our light discussions change his tone and anger him, so how can I fight? I am just too ‘scared of him’. Yup, that’s the word. I shouldn’t be, but I am.

He’s been abusing me ever since we married

To make it short, I have been mentally and physically abused by my husband since I got married to him. He has raised his hand over me several times, he has strangled me to death, he has used all sorts of utensils to beat me up and broke my arm with a metal bar. But all this time I have kept myself quiet just because he is my husband.

Married four years but I hate him, I don’t know why

I saw him and from that moment I had no feelings for him. I didn’t like his physical appearance at all. But it was too late to say anything. Now I’m really looking forward to a divorce no matter what it takes.