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We are abusive toward each other but I don’t know how to end the relationship

Toxic relationshipHello,

I met a guy a few years ago and we decided to get married. We got engaged soon after we met. However, due to some reasons we both had to leave for different countries.

When we returned after one year, we decided to get married. However, things had become very complicated between us. His family was and is against me and this relationship. Although I love him but I don't want to degrade myself.

We both have become abusive and disrespectful towards each other. I am not very religious but I pray and recite Quran. I can't discuss this with anyone but I think now things cannot be mended between us.

I want to terminate this relationship although it is extremely difficult. His attitude is deplorable and I am equally responsible for this mess. The stigma surrounding break up is huge and I don't know how to overcome it. Do you have any opinions on this?



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  1. Nothing is difficult.It's haram to chat with opposite gender ....

    Immediately terminate this relationship.
    And always do Istikhara before marrying someone!

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