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I committed sins against people

I have been bad with my family members. I can’t ask them to forgive me…

The world is changing or just me??

Even though I’ve repented and reverted but still feel scared about akhirah and meeting Allah… I’ve hurt so many people in so many ways…

Please advise me how to perform i’tikaaf

I was thinking to perform ittekaaf… By performing ittekaaaf will Allah forgive my sins?

Ashamed of my past

Am I going to hell? Should I start praying? I do not know much but I know what I did in life wasn’t right.

Will I be forgiven for committing suicide?

I am 17 years old and want to commit suicide… I am ready to go.

Ashamed after going back to masturbation.

At this point I am too scared to ask Allah for forgiveness. I’m scared that He might be thinking “you repent all month but then go back to the deed you have been repenting for. Hypocrite.”

What is the punishment suggested in Islam when someone breaks your heart?

I tried so hard to forget him but I failed. Did God not forgive me? And what is the punishment for him?