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Will I be forgiven for committing suicide?


I am 17 years old and want to commit suicide.

I have had family problems practically my whole life and see no solution to them at all. I hate my parents, my dad in particular, I feel so lonely and depressed all the time. I don't want to go in to much detail about my family problems but they are the cause of my depression and anxiety.  I have been on antidepressants for 2 years.   Suicidal thoughts have just become part of my life now, for the past few weeks I have been thinking of ways to kill myself and researching on painless methods and I am ready to go.

I have often attempted but failed, I feel really helpless, I never wanted to speak to anyone about my thoughts because I feared they might think I'm some psycho,  but the more my situation got worse with my family and my thoughts the more quite I kept and tried to even  hide and block it out.


I have given up hope, I see no hope, I really don't want to live anymore I just want to  die, i feel guilty for doing this but have no other choice my only question is that will I be forgiven if I ask for forgiveness before dying?


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  1. No Allah will not forgive you. Instead u will go hell and punishment will await for you

  2. Ur just 17, life is just beginnning for you don't kill yourself over not liking your parents and stuff. Just go on holiday and take a big break and when u come back u will feel postive and fresh.

    • A holiday?
      It's a nice thought but I doubt something as simple as that would help my complicated depressing situation.
      Thanks anyway

  3. Dont worry first thing first "YOU ARE NOT ALONE", you have just reached your limitations to cope with the difficulties of life, lets be honest life is harsh, Best way for you right now is consider your self medically unfit, you must run to the hospital and shout out loud and say "SAVE ME I WANT TO DIE I AM DEPRESSED" yes you seem to be having depression sadly this is a reality which has affected many like you.

    Next solution is go to HIJAMA centre they are also fixing people with depression inshallah you will get rid of those anti depressant drugs you have been talking about too, you might wanna consider acupuncture too.

    You can also share your suicidal thoughts with your family and ask for help, thinking you are not alone will help you express your self more. Allah will never forgive you for doing suicide best way is to ask for help cheers you will do just fine 🙂

    • Salam,
      Thank you for the reassurance, I know that I am not alone and will try speaking to others who are in a similar situations. I will also keep the ' HIJAAMA centre' thing in mind.

  4. OP: I hate my parents, my dad in particular, I feel so lonely and depressed all the time.

    Seems like you live in a dysfunctional family. Your life may change for better after you get married. Marry some one educated with a good job and good mind. Don't kill yourself, kill your thoughts that are causing you to suffer. I know you are very intelligent and can do any thing, just need loving family.

    • Salam,
      I am not looking to get married just yet, but you are right in saying that I need to deal with my thoughts in a different way.

  5. your still young. depression is a silent killer. the only way to overcome this is by talking, not bottling it up inside. if you open up and tell us more about the challenges you are facing at home, this may help the posters to help you, in finding a solution by the will of Allah. just remember when you are going through hard times their are so many people who are going through far worse. don't do anything foolish, we hope to hear from you insha'allah.


  6. I think u r having side effect of Anti dpressants which causes suicidal tendency. These drugs are not good for u , these causes dependency also. U just see a neurologist . But I don't understand why u involve ur parents with ur life so much? They are different human being and u r different. When u will die they will not go to ur grave with u, and when they will die u will not go with them. In this world Allah tests human in many ways, like Prophet Ayub (A:) suffered leprosy for 12 yrs, it was severe and painful , the flesh of his body was seperated from his bone and beeding. All his wives left him except one, his children died, his property and farm and cattle all destroyed , still he didn't listen to Devil and din't commit suicide.

    In ur case, be grateful to Allah cause He has not made u a cripple, blind, handicapped child or a retarded or illegal child . Remember if u die u will be punished, but if u tolerate in this world , u will be rewarded. I think u r in a better situation because u can see with ur eyes talk to people but when after suicide u will go to the grave there is no light, no people to talk , nothing to do ............................ You have to lay down all the time and because of your suicide there will be more horror and terror and punishment than your parents are doing to u now. In this world u can talk to us , but there is not computer or phone or any other media in the grave , what will u do there if u have to live there for thousand yrs?Or more?

    So as u have much time here make good contact with Allah , make all your complaints to Him and do good to people , smile to all , tolerate all troubles and punishments given by your parents , and it will help u absorb all problems and pains, there will be no pain , the power of tolerance will be increased .. You know when I was small one day my mom slapped me , and I was very much hurt, it was too painful ( I broke her favorite and costly perfume bottle) , but I told her " Maa slap me again on the opposite cheek, slap me more " but she didn't ... After that I taught myself to absorb and tolerate beating and tortures for a change in my life and it helped . Now at this age believe me , I am not afraid of anything other than Allah. Nothing can scare me except Allah. I do this because may be inside the grave there is more painful punishment than this world , I can escape this worldy punishment but cannot avoid grave punishment.

    So please think twice and think that anyway, u can avoid this world's problems , but cannot avoid grave punishment , there is no place to hide.. PLease don't kill ur self it is a major sin. Respect Allah.

  7. Salam Brother/Sister,

    Please don't end your life. I realize right now you think it's your only way out and that by ending your life, you can stop whatever pain you are going through. My son has two friends who have committed suicide in the last year. Don't do it. Whatever you are going through right now, you can overcome it. If things are crazy in your home and you need to leave in order to breathe...take a walk. I know first hand how things can get and how it can affect you and your whole being.

    You are 17 years old however you will not be 17 forever. Things will get better, just put your faith in Allah. My prayers are with you...stay strong.


  8. Sister ,

    Please dont end your life as it is big sin .Please get involved with some religious activities and avoid staying alone .Insha allah you will be fine soon .

  9. Don't do it, think about ALLAH. You're throwing the life he gave U to his face.
    dont do it. That's not a way out. I'll be straight up its caword way out DONT do it.
    Things always get better. Brother Everyone has problems but in different forms. I went through 4 stage sarcoma cancer that I had to take a lot of chemo which is a medication that distroys you inside out and I had to go through radiation everyday (which freaking sucked) I had to get surgery and go through a lot of problems and the doctors told me that this will kill me.. I was mad about it! I questioned God "why me?" I hated my life.. Always sad.. But than after 2 years some good resaults came into my health which gave me hope.. Hope to live.. Than i repented to ALLAH and asked for forgiveness and asked for help everyday (Ofcourse it took a while) but he listened to me now I am cancer free and been a survivor past year Mashallah.. And my Lifes getting better.. The point is that everyone goes through bad times in different forms but it doesn't always stay that way.. It always gets better.. Just have hope and pray to allah become a better muslim watch if it doesn't change you're life. Please don't end you're life. YOURE WORTH MORE THAN THAT! Too just end yourself.. Comeon man up and overcome this with the help of ALLAH.. You should be happy you're going through this test if you get past this and have faith in ALLAH wallah you'll see change. He tests his favorite believers.. So brother please take this as a chance to Connect with ALLAH and pray and ask for forgiveness. He loves you and soon inshallah paradise will be granted to you which is iternal.. So take it as a battle you gotta fight if you get past you'll get countless blessings of ALLAH.. Well take care hopefully you take the path of ALLAH and save you're self.. Sorry for kinda being harsh but i care about you brother.. Stay strong you can get through..

    May Allah keep you save.

  10. Assalam alaikum,

    I commend you for asking for help and having the wisdom to do that at such a young age. I envy you for having the strength to do that in your situation as I know that I certainly didn't have the ability to recognize dysfunctionality in my family at that age. May Allah increase you in wisdom and in strength to be successful in the trials of your life. Ameen.

    You want to know if you will be forgiven and there is much evidence that in Islam we are not allowed to take our lives. Will Allah forgive you? No one can answer that question unequivocally as Allah is not bound to our words--but I can tell you that you can't risk taking your life based on asking other humans that err. And, for a moment, think about your situation differently, even if you were forgiven, is that what Allah swt wanted for you? He made you for a purpose. Allah swt chose to create you out of nothing--you are unique and created intentionally by your Creator--seek your purpose, fight those negative thoughts, realize your potential, get help, stop being afraid, love yourself.

    You have expressed that you have family problems that are beyond your ability to fix and they are the cause of your anxiety and suicidal thoughts--perhaps, you are not supposed to "fix" them. Perhaps you have to recognize that these problems are bigger than your ability to "fix" and that you have to leave it to Allah swt--maybe you have to walk away, start a life for yourself, move on, seek help for yourself, recognize that you may have to separate yourself from the destruction--it is difficult to be specific as you have not given details.

    You have mentioned that you have given up hope, but so very ironically, you have come here to seek hope in Allah swt's forgiveness. 🙂 So, even though you think you are out of hope, you are actually still seeking it and hoping for hope. So, try to find a way to get help. Perhaps, if you feel like sharing the details, we can give you some specific suggestions. I wish that I could have offered you something specifically, and hope you do provide details.

    May Allah swt keep you in His protection, shower you with His mercy, instill much patience and serenity in your heart and give you more compassion for yourself, and fill your life with one success after another, Ameen.

  11. To look at it in a different angle, we, human are given the choices to live the way we choose. You happen to choose to live in a depressed way or you thought you are forced to be depressed because of your family issue. I want you to remember one thing: Allah does not give up on us but we do. He is all Merciful and Hearing, do not give up yourself, give yourself one more chance.

    I am an older person and along my life I thought about ending the short life because it appeared to be a easy way out. I did not have the courage to pick up myself where I fell. Alhumduallah, I live and I witness the greatness and glory of our Creator. When I look back, (and you will too) I found how insignificant of my problems or issues were. Brother/Sister, pick up yourself, you have a long way to experience the beauty of your life. It will not be all roses and rainbow, but you will appreciate that you are alive and work hard to live everyday.

    If you have mental problem, seek professional help, it may be your body/hormones acting up. If you are seeing a doctor, tell him that you have a suicidal thought. If you are still in school, approach your school counselor. Allah promises us that our burden will not be heavier than we can bear.

    Do you have friends that you can talk to? Do you have any brothers / sisters in the masjid that you can trust? Have you tried to contact your Iman in the masjid? Let them know your situation, even they cannot offer help instantly, they can pray for you.

    One method I will highly suggest is you cry out and pray to Allah, in your house, in the nature (I prefer nature walk/hiking), in the masjid. Cry out and pray, Allah is All Hearing. He understands our sorrows. I also like to find a corner in the masjid during the daytime where there are not many people, read the Quran, sleep on the ground and pray and wake up and read the Quran.

    You are only 17, your problems may seem to be too heavy for you to bear but all that will pass, inshallah. Cut out all the contact of negative thought, e.g. songs, articles, movies. Don't dwell yourself into those self-pity thought. Pick up yourself now.

  12. Dear haffy, I hope you are doing good and reading above comments from your muslim brothers and sisters .
    InshaAllah their advices will help you Ameen .
    I would like to stress a point mentioned by rabiya that a certain group of antidepressant does increase risk of suicide in teenagers.
    I'm not sure which one are you taking but please share your thoughts and plans with your psychiatrist so if needed the medications should be changed. Call your doctor today.
    Good wishes.

  13. Sister don't become we weakk ....there alot of ppl..who have worse difficulties...

    Fear Allah take this suicide though of ur mind u knw hw big sin it. Is...when u cme to thinking such a think ...replace with thinking..something else..

    Now u have issues my advice to u would be to face issues head onn..get advice of ppl u can trust...dont let itself feel alone ..Allahs watching over u...

    U can help so much ppl with ur life.. E.g. Poor ppl in world u can help make ppl smile
    ..u have youth most old ppl wish.foor.

    U cn share ur problems here its private anyways...

    Be strong I'd say leave depressant gradually make will...dnt be weak tht u have to take drugs fr hw u feel..

  14. Salam bro.first I want to say that I am not good in english.I hope what I am going to say,will be halpful for u.just think about it.listen don't be stupid.Allah give us the beautiful life and no one has the authority to finish his/her life accept Allah,if someone finishes his /her life ,he will face the problem in another world,which we called (Akhirat).Allah give us a life for doing good deed and u r trying to finish the person u are!there's alots of way to finding the solution.u have to connect ur self the way of Allah.Do the taahajud, receite the holly quran and devoted ur life in the way of Allah.u will find the inner peice.
    Bro look arround u.u will find alots of people they are in trouble.I have seen alots of people,they are facing trouble,but they don't think like you.just do what I said to you.hold the way of Allah then will see,how Allah helps u.just be patient.

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