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I wanted to be noticed just for a moment. Have I lost all my good deeds?

My decision ultimately made me appreciate hijab more, but is it too late? I am plagued by guilt and worry.

Struggling with the thought of future polygamy

My husband is not polygamous, and says he does not have an interest in polygamy, but still I find myself living in constant fear and worry that he will one day change his mind and I’ll find myself in one of these marriages.

Waswaas, bad thoughts

Recently I have been suffering from waswaas…

How can I convince my husband to use protection on our wedding night?

I’m scared, I don’t know my fiance at all… I need time to be able to trust him and I think having a baby is a mutual consent and I have an equal say in that matter.

Divorced my narcissist ex and feel hurt and lonely

I know what I miss is a façade but I can’t help it… I don’t know what the future holds for me.

In a Big Dilemma!

I fear a life of great difficulty… I know in Islam, Allah tests us with hardship, but being on the streets is scary. Please help me! I’m scared!

Suffering from Clinical Anxiety, Should I get Married?

I was alone all these days and was able to handle up my stress and anxiety and hiding my foolish mistakes (which I do when I am in stress), but the situation will be different when I am married. I always think, will I be able to keep my wife happy in my current state?

How will my broken heart heal again?

I recently went through a divorce and going through pain, and I know there are many people whom have broken hearts whether through a separation, divorce or lost someone in life.

I feel my death coming, it is frightening

I anticipate my death coming. It truly is a frightening experiance and i get this every day. I been told by the doctor that i have anxiety.

Does penis size matter?

Sir how are you? I have a lot of tension about my penis because it’s about 3 inches in size and quite thin.