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I feel my death coming, it is frightening

sad man sitting thinking

Salaams I just wanted to know if you can in Islam anticipate your death coming?

It truly is a frightening experiance and i get this every day. I been told by the doctor that i have anxiety. I have been depressed for a number of years and it has led to this. I'm so sad and battling everyday with myself.

I just want to be normal and i understand everyone goes through their trials and tribulations. I just want to know what i can to relieve my symptoms. Its affecting every part of my life and my health as im getting heart palpitations and chest pain.

Please any insight would be much appreciated. Jazakallah.

- Yaasir

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  1. sallam

    Only God knows when your time is near, we humans dont know!

    it does sound like you suffer from anxiety, your adrenalin rushes, heart races, your feel panicky and a dark feeling comes over you!

    this is a medical issue, have you been placed on antianxiety medication? there are things that you can do to relieve stress, prayer, meditation are things which help.

    im sure there are specific duas to help you brother but do not neglect your medical requirments. im sorry i dont know any specific dua however im sure there are alot of knowlagable people on this site who can direct you appropriatly inshallah

    Allah hafiz

  2. Salaams,

    I have heard of people sensing their impending death, but usually this was because they had long battled a terminal illness or were in a crisis situation where death would be inevitable. The general sensation of feeling like death is near, day in and day out, is more symptomatic of Generalized Anxiety Disorder. In addition, people who suffer from panic attacks often describe the experience as one of feeling or fearing that they are about to die.

    My husband has struggled with anxiety at times, and he said at one point, several years ago before he understood what he was going on, he felt that "the angel of death was about to come through the wall at any minute to take my life as punishment for the sins I've committed". That was a decade ago, and needless to say his fears did not come to fruition.

    Anxiety and Depression are two mental disorders that often come hand in hand. Fortunately, there are treatment options for both- the most effective of which include both medication management and talk therapy. I suggest you look in your area for a reputable psychiatrist AND counselor, who can help you start taking back control of your emotions and experience of life.

    -Amy Editor

  3. Salamualaikum,

    Brother Yasir, do you know where your name comes from?
    Ammar bin Yasir was a Sahaabi of Rasoolullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.
    Once, the Mushrikeen plundered Yasir’s house, set fire to all their goods, and chained the whole family up. They were taken outside of Makkah to where slaves were punished and were beaten. They were stretched accross the burning sun of the desert, and heavy blocks of stone were put on top of them. Their howls of pain could be heard in Makkah, to discourage anyone else from becoming Muslim or following Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. He went to Ammar and his family when he saw the pain that the Mushrikeen of Makkah were inflicting on them. To ease this pain the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam would continuously say to them, “Patience oh family of Yasir, for you are destined for Paradise.” (Sahih al-Tirmidhi, v5, p233)

    I recalled this when I saw your name. I thought it would give you strength to deal with the problems you face.

    My brother, your feeling is a result of Shaitaan's interference in a Mu'min's life. He has sworn to Allah that he would lead the believing slaves of Allah astray, except the chosen slaves of Allah.
    He tries hard to lead them astray, and does not stop, until he is successful, or until he is punished.

    What we are supposed to do is keep the Shaitaan at bay, using the tools given to us by Rasoolullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. There tools are duas, adhkaar, Quran, prayers and other good deeds.

    Anxiety can be dealt with, by this dua.

    (Allahumma inni ‘abduk, ibnu abdik, ibnu amatik, nasiyati bi-yadik, madin fiyya hukmuk, ‘adlun fiyya qadaa’uk , as’aluka bi-kulli ismin huwa lak, sammaita bihi nafsak, aw anzaltahu fi kitabik, aw ‘allamtahu ahadan min khalqik, aw ist’tharta bihi fi-‘ilmil-ghaibi ‘indak an- taj’alal-Qur’an rabi’a qalbi, wa-noora sadri, wa jala’a huzni, wa dhahaba hammi)
    “Oh Allah! I am Your slave, son of Your slave and Your maidslave. My forelock is on Your Hands. I act in accordance with Your Commandments. You are just in Your Decree. I ask You by every name You have called Yourself with or You have revealed in Your Book or You taught to any of Your slaves or You kept among the unseen with You, to make the Qu’ran the life of my heart and the light of my breast and a departure for my sorrow and a release for my anxiety.”

    and this:

    “(Allahumma inni a’udhu bika minal-hammi wal-hazan, wal-‘ajzi wal-kasal, wal-jubni wal-bukhli, wa dal’id-Daini wa-ghalabatir-rijaal)
    O Allah, I seek refuge in you from grief and distress, old age and laziness, miserliness and cowardice. I seek Your Refuge from the burden of being in debt and from being overcome by men.”

    My brother, contemplate on the meanings of these duas and feel the connection with Allah Subhaanah.

    Practice all the 5 daily prayers with Khushoo', as much as possible.

    Also do supplications from the book of duas called 'Fortress of the Muslim' or 'Hisn al muslim'. You can download this book from the website or buy one from an Islamic Center.

    Keep yourself busy in Allah's Worship. Spend time with your family, just do not give room for Shaitaan to whisper.

    Be aware of Allah, get knowledge about His Beautiful Names and His Sifaat, about the Tawheed. Read the biography of Rasoolullah Sallallahu alaihi Wasallam and his Sahaabah.

    Improve and strengthen your relationship with Allah Subhaanah, contemplate on the meanings of the Quran and whatever adhkaar you supplicate.

    Death is not something you should fear, brother. You should concentrate on your deen and hope from Allah that He will forgive you for your sins and will admit you to the jannah.

    May Allah make it so. Aameen

    This way, the Shaitaan will stay at bay and insha Allah, you will feel fine.

    I hope this has helped
    Muhammad Waseem Editor

    • What an amazing response, jazak Allah khayr.

      Wael Editor

    • Brother, your response brought tears to my eyes, I read this just when I was feeling very low myself.This was just what I needed to read.Thank you.

    • Dear Brother,

      Thanks for such wonderful reply.

      I am also struggling a lot within. I have a burden on my soul (Due to my grave mistake) and after realization of the same, since i am trying to improve myself as Muslim, Satan is troubling me like anything. I am fighting all alone.

      Can you suggest me some duas i can recite to fight back. I need to be at peace but this satan and his whispers are causing hurdles, please guide me.

      thank you.

      • Allah swt is the most merciful... do wudhu and pray and repent from the bottom of your heart... pray sincerly and leave your anxiety n burdens to Allah swt in sha Allah ... He will help u ... i was in the same position as u couple of years but im tryimg to keep up with my prayers .... it has truly changed me as a person....

        • Assalamualaikum,,,
          How is Ur anxiety now ,,
          M suffering from general anxuran,,nd m gertingpamic attack every now nd then,, pls do tell,

    • Thank you very much for the beautiful reply.
      It really makes my heart calm again,
      I am suffering too from anxiety and depression for about 9 months now, to be specific, death anxiety (but I always anxious at everything haha) . I am taking medication and do consultation to psychiatrist, and make myself closer to Allah by praying, read Qur'an and do good deeds, and Alhamdulillah, my anxiety is decreasing a lot although it's still in my mind a little bit. I hope that my sisters and brothers out there who suffers from this illness, will get better and have a normal and happy life again. Insha Allah.

    • Mashallah brother very nice response may allah bless u with happiness..

    • Salaam,
      I have been suffering from a similar feeling except in my case I fear my parents or my brother are going to die soon. I am just 20...I cannot bear to lose any of them...I love them too this also anxiety or a sign? Please help...

    • Thank you so much my brother!!!!!!!

    • Alhamdulillah!!

      Thanks a lot bro!!
      My Name is Yaasir too!
      This Helps me a lot and i wish to help more other people with your answer

    • I really appreciate it bro thankyou very much for helping us. May Allah Bless u Ameen 🙂

    • SubhanAllah.. what an encouraging and helpful response.
      i know how it feels :,(.
      made me feel so much better. JazakAllah.

    • Thank you so much Borther Muhammad Waseem,

      I am also suffering from the same problem & fear of pain after the death because I think I am sinful person.

      When I fear from the death I try to push my feelings of getting into sins like drinking wine, flirting with girls (even though I am married) but that push no longer persist and I again trap into sin.

      Can you please suggest any method or practice by means of which I can get rid of fear of death pain, fear of pain & punishment after the death & also my inner soul inspire me not to get attracted to sins like I described?

      Your help would be much appreciated.


    • Masha Allah Masha Allah Masha Allah. This has helped me so much tonight. May Allah swt bless you. Thank you my brother

    • Jazakallahu khair. I came across this article now. I'm too feeling the same
      Your words have given me lot of strength.
      May Allah swt reward you abundantly
      Jazakallahu khair

    • I am mechanical engineer n I have also same feeling bhai,i met number of specialist doctor's psychiatrist n psychologist but no one give me relief but only I get balance my life with the worship of my maker and creator .when we turn to dunya these fear of death thoughts increases and feel peaceless.bhai give me some advice...

  4. salaam brother,
    unfortunately i've been feeling the same thing as you for about the past two or three weeks ): sometimes i look around if the angles of death has come to take my is a frightening experience and you can feel your heart beating twice as fast.not only that,i also feel like Allah would not forgive me for all the sins that i ahve committed in the past.hearing stories of people having the same feeling before they die also does not help.
    and as you said this feeling that you have has also been effecting your daily lives,just as it has been greatly affecting my studies.the feeling of you going to die makes you think that almost everything you do except ibadat is useless ); and everytime i do try to concentrate on my studies,automatically i'll tell myself that it is useless and that i am going to die soon anyways.
    and yes,i haven't been able to feel happy as much as i used is a horrible feeling and i also often feel depressed and mom told me that she would bring me to a psychologist for advice by the end of the month if this keeps going on.
    however,alhamdulillah the feeling of death made me drop any bad habits that i had and triggered me to do more good deeds.i've even tried to perfect my solat and finally after postponing doing taubat for so many times,i finally did 😉 i also get scared if i feel or know that i have done something wrong.
    to know that you've been feeling like this is actually pretty saddening.allahualam,this could be syaitan's doings and as my mom have told me so many times,do not lose faith.
    insyaallah,you'll get better in time if you concentrate more on ibadat and do alot of good deeds for the sake of Allah.death is nothing to be scared of if your prepared for try to prepare yourself as much as you can before death actually comes 🙂
    well i hope this makes you feel better that your not the only one.

    • Sister same the case with me

    • I hope you are doing well. Are you still thinking the same way?

      • Asalamu alaikum brothers and sisters

        Im 15 years old and i also have this anxiety.First time that i got this anxiety was 4 years ago. And now it came back 3 months suferring from this really much, i tell myself that i'm still young to die and not prepared yet for the death. Every time before sleeping i ask myself if im going to die while sleeping or not.I love my life and want to life as others like to finish my studies and get married ect.... I pray daily 4 times a day and sometimes 5. I love Allah and also make dua to Allah and ask him to make me life more and get ried of anxiety.

        I hope Allah answer my dua Insha Allah ameen.

    • I am feeling,just like you , can you help?

    • JazakAllah khairan dear sister...
      I too have gone through such experiences and similarly because of that I have become namazi... Alhamdullilah feeling relived... May Allah swt guide us to be better day by day and in every way ☺

    • Salaam I feel the same aswel I keep looking out the window Thinking is the angel of death on the way so I loook out the sky to see if coming. I also feel the presence of the dead in my room and I'm scared but I got mental health issues that's what the doctors said I don't no what to do anymore this is hard, even if I have a dream I think I'm going to die I can't live like this no more

    • I have also same feeling, how are u now sis.

  5. AOA,
    May Allah (SWT) keep everyone safe and cure all of us
    i have been suffering from this thing for the last 10 months and my life is getting ruined:(
    i also get scary dreams and every minute i keep on thinking about death my heart races i get chest pains and feel dizzy i cant go out 🙁 i always pray to Allah to take me put this
    May Allah help all of us

  6. Dear all,

    If you are going well in your life in the light of SHARIAH, then why to worry for something?

    If you live (strictly) according to Islam then you should have the courage and satisfaction to welcome death any time.

  7. Aslaam O Alaikum,

    I have the same feelings and it has happened during namaz as well. Thank you for your replies. May Allah Pak bless us all muslims in deen and duniya.

    • Salaam I had undergone heart surgery last month nd I have the same feelings. Am always trying my best with zikir but this feelings is getting worst please help me with duas

  8. Salam 2 All

    Im 18 years old boy, i think i have the same problem i feel like ALLAH is doing with me this because he hates me im badnaseeb Sorry) my problem 1 week im good and another week im
    ill. I am very jeaolus to see the people happy i want 2 be happy happy, i feel like going to death this year, can u tell me exactly my prob is ??? Jazzak ALLAH

    • Salaams,

      Please log in and submit your question in a separate post, and we will answer it in turn in shaa Allah. The info you gave is too general and not very detailed, so please provide more background information and what exactly you are looking to resolve.

      -Amy Editor

    • Asalam Alaikum wa Rahmotulllah Wa Barakatuhu
      I am an 18yrs+ old....
      Back in time, if I run a short or long distances my chest starts to pain me nd my heart beat becomes faster...
      But recently my chest is paining me seriously without even running. Nd its now affecting my back and breathing its called Palpitation and Angina.
      And also I had a dream that I was walking into a cemetery holding a lamp on my hand nd one of my younger brother was following me..
      So I decided to seek the meaning from a dream interpretation website in which it was said there that the dreamer would Die of his ailment...
      I have surrendered myself to Allah's will
      Can you please tell me of some things I can do before I die (good deeds)...
      And also I was told to do heart test (ECG) and the result is Abnormal....

      • SubhanAllah, brother, based on consultation of a website you have decided that you will die? Come on. Go see a doctor and get yourself treated.

        Wael Editor

        • I have consulted a doctor, he pescribed drugs for me but its not working out instead things is getting worse...
          And I have read a lot about my ailment, and to my findings its one of the things that causes sudden death....
          Just please try and search for "ANGINA"
          From my findings, drugs don't usually work for it..
          And am really preparing for death...
          I fear and I hope Allah will have mercy on me..
          And this is affecting my education as was not attentive in class today and while I was eating I was shivering... My heart was pounding...
          I have submitted to the will of my lord...

          BUT I will tell you the dream in full incase you might interprete it..
          Presently am ill
          I had a dream that I was walking into a cemetery at night holding a lamp nd my younger brother was walking at my back(following me), we passed by a tree(a familiar tree nd cemetery) and I saw few people on their own... I woke up terrified about the dream
          Please do you have a better interpretation for this...
          JakaLlahu khairan

          I told my uztadth about it and he said the meaning is Triumph over the enemy

          • Once you stop thinking about "angina" and palpitations, your problems will go away. I am sure if you go to a doctor he will tell you there is nothing wrong with you, but you will not believe him.

          • ASA may I also suggest that u try to focus on all the amazing things that you have in your life.
            Thanks to Allah for your eyes, breath,family, night and day your ability to move, your voice, food on yr table every night, and too many other things that I could never tell u in my one life time.
            Inshallah you will be good I have full faith in allah. Ameen.

    • Allah never never hates his own creature. He loves us more than our mothers. He doesn't like to put us in pain and suffer. You are lucky . You are not badnaseeb. Try to look onto your life. See which are the things which are making you sick and which deeds are not good. And believe me one thing if you really really believe in Allah than believe in it that he is alsami he listens znd replies to our prayers. Pray to Allah and become friend with him as God said himself "I will become whatever you want me to " if you think i m loving then I will b loving . If you think I m your friend then I m your friend. So try to call him whatever you feel like and ask him whatever you need. Everything is in his hands. Pray for me and all others as well. May Allah bless us all with good health, peace, happiness and blessed life amen .

  9. Same feeling has been started with me from last 32 days doctor said that's anxiety mufti said that its black magic Allah knows better what it is .

  10. Assalam o Aleikum

    im 18 years old boy, i have a problema but i dont know what is exactly, i feel like going to death, but i feel to die at the age of 18 or die single, 1 week im fine but the other one im
    bad, i think to do suicide but im not going to do ! and sorry to say this i have in the mind ALLAH dont want to help me, can anyone tell me what is my problem?? i read that could be anxiety or depression help me pleaseeeee Jazzak ALLAH

  11. I have been living for the last 5 years with anxiety and depression and each day I think that I'm going to die and this is my last day of living, I have started to pray thanks to Allah and stopped drinking I use to drink occasionally, in the other way I thank allah for having fear of death because I became religious to my religion ISLAM. Please help me if you can and pray for my illness to go way.

  12. Assalaams,

    I am having this problem too 🙁 I wish I didn't fear dying as much as I do and its really taking up my daily life as well. I feel I am changing as a person and it is not for the better. I don't know if this depression and anxiety comes from me not being married, but it comes and goes. Like for a long while I will be fine and it will be forgotten and then out of the blue, it returns. I try to do all good things and then I slack and become lazy and the minute that happens, it comes back again. My parents have started to become irritated with me because of my mind not being so strong. Now at times, I try my best to have a handle on it but it is very difficult at times especially when I'm at work because I sit in a confined space for most of the day and I am alone. I want to go and see a doctor and see if there is an underlying medical condition but my parents will probably stop me as they think its all only in my mind. Nonetheless, death is on my mind constantly and I'm obsessed with it. I know that they say the soul is pulled at the feet and therefore I keep feeling like my feet gets cold and then when I am okay, it gets warm again. Somehow I know most of these things are in my mind but it won't go away. Besides, sometimes I even see things like signs that I could be dying soon, like all of a sudden I open a book and suddenly I see the word death somewhere

    • This is the exact thing I'm feeling. I was looking for a particular person who feels the same way and I saw this. I'm a medical student (1st year) and basically I'm studying like majority of the time, and I'm like very busy. I barely get time to sleep but the thing is, I have a room where I'm all alone and when it's time for me to get my few (very few) hours of sleep, suddenly I start feeling the exaxt same thing. My feet start feeling tingly, my breathing becomes difficult, my heart starts racing and I feel I'll suddenly see the Isr'aeel (Angel of Death). And there goes even my few hours of sleep. So now I'm even sleep deprived.

      I'm also someone who likes watching Islamic lectures on YouTube but recently all that I've been seeing on my recommended list are lectures about death and trust me this doesn't help my situation.

      What's worse is being a medical student already has so much stress. These death feelings make me feel so weird, like I feel like any time I'm going to leave. I want Allah to forgive me but I have that constant worry.

      What is happening with me? Wallahi this is a problem because I've been losing sleep, I've been stressed and what's worse is that I'm all alone in a foreign country and my father doesn't know about this because he already worries so much about me being all alone here, I'd not want to put him through more stress. Besides, he might not understand these feelings that well. (My mother passed away some time back, or I'd definitely have told her about these feelings somehow).

      The whole problem is when I literally start getting the tingly feeling in my feet (because like sister Adilah said, the soul gets pulled from the feet). Then my breathing becomes difficult, I also start getting weird somersaults in my stomach, my heart races, and I feel as though the Angel of Death is present. This is when I'm about to sleep, then during the day I kinda become fine. It's really not a nice feeling. Yes I know that if you're a pious believer you shouldn't be worried, but how am I to know if Allah is happy with me? I'm a mere human being, I do try to be a good Muslim but committing sins is inevitable and also even though I ask for forgiveness, still, we don't know where we stand with Allah for this is knowledge that is with Him.

      Sorry for the paragraphs, I just needed to let it all out since I've not shared this with anyone.

  13. I also feel that I m gonna die 24/7 my brain gonna stop light seems dim to me I can't feel anything doctors say that I m having generalize anxiety but I think its something bad than anxiety?

  14. Salam
    I m 21 year old i m suffering from this problem since 3 to 4 days before this started i saw a video on facebook title(infarred camera in grave) that was a fake video but too horrific but it makes me little bit religious and i always think about my grave and dead i think i will die soon and ALLAH S.W.T WILL not forgive me plz help me

  15. Assalamualaikum. I am 18 and a few months back I have witnessed a death of a close friend who passed in her sleep. Since then, I've been feeling the exact same way and this has interfered with my daily life a great deal. I don't know how to overcome this and I feel like I am living in perpetual fear. And I always overthink everything these days. I think it's my fear of my past sins that keep haunting me. I've become more religious now but I still have the feeling and it is making me miserable. :(.

  16. OP: I am 18 and a few months back I have witnessed a death of a close friend who passed in her sleep. Since then, I've been feeling the exact same way and this has interfered with my daily life a great deal. I don't know how to overcome this and I feel like I am living in perpetual fear.

    How many young people have you known all your life and how many of them have died in sleep? Your are the one who is creating this unrealistic fear Fear like that feeds on itself and looks like perpetual..

  17. AHsalaam alikum.
    brothers and sisters i pray and dua upon all of you and entire unmah.
    Iam having same feeling for the past few months.i haven't consult a doctor as i know this is something more then anxiety and the power to heal me is upon allah (swt)
    I take this is a warning as i have spoke many sheikh about this and all seems to say same.
    Brothers and sisters take this as a good thing.
    This is a warning our death is close. Well because we really never know when is our time.
    Look at all positive of this feeling.
    We got chance to change our self and ask for forgiveness and may allah have mercy upon all of us.
    There are ppl who died in sudden without a chance to chang them. So please use best of this time.
    Having fear of allah will always keep us on the right path so its a positive thing again.
    But yes i know its so scary. Iam too scared to sleep even thinking i might never wake Again.
    I can't even put how and when all these start. But it got worsened when i saw twice in a row,my husband dying (he us extremely religious person, alhamdu lillah ) as he was dying his final words he said to me were "dear sweetheart, please sacrifice all short-term happiness and greed to this world and do good deed to allah. We shall return to whom we belong "
    I woke up cryibg heavily i couldn't breath. My eyes were all read i was shaking it was so scary. I saw my beloved husband die infront of me and i was so hopless.
    So please be happy you fear allah, as we should obly fear allah. And spend your days doing good deeds. May allah forgive us all for our sins.
    Wahsalaam alikum..

  18. Sallam brother I have been feeling the same how have u been dealing with this

  19. salam my name is simi im 26 years old ..i hv read all the post whc y ppl shared about ur self n feelings..i m facing the same problem last oct2015..i hv done wd doc n all test all were okey n fine thn i found tht it is symbol of depression whc teasing my whole body I feel pain all the time in
    my body here n thre..even i wnt for the ecg two time seems good..after tht i hv decided to recover my self thorough religiously i close to Allah more n more trust me ppl its the easies way to get rid of ths situation no one knows whn is our time come but make ur today good do good things helo others n love kids trust me you feel so relax n calm whneva ths feeling worse I started recite the quran pak n yaa salamu plzz do Astaghfar frequently in ur life every thing will b oke n whn u pray pray for ur life n pray for yr long n health life only only prayes can change ur destiny it's written in quran plz pray to Allag any time u feel depressed n alone thts the moment whn Allah is much close to you plzz pray n do Astaghfar jus all will b fine remember one thing being a muslim "He is REHMAN "

  20. I have been suffering from panic attacks and anxiety for over 10 years. I used to be on xanax and valium but was scared of addiction as those are narcotics and can cause the body to be physically addicted after long-term use. My new doctor put me on a medication called Neurontin (Generic name Gabapentin) and it has helped a lot. It's not a narcotic so much safer than other medications.

    Make sure to pray and ask Allah swt for his help of course. Inshallah khair brother.

  21. - Psychological and Social Problems.
    20088: He fears for the future
    I have faced this problems a couple month ago. I was sick actually, I went to see a doctor but they said I was in a good health. I do not know how to explain. But shukran, I am better now.
    I think of death everyday every minutes, this really scared me eventhough I pray to Allah, I think of an accident and how they died, and we do not know our future that is what I think of my self and my family. I pray to Allah to live in piece in this world and to think of HIM every hour.
    I have a head-ache after that, I can't work as before. I feel that I am in a different world.
    Sometimes I ask myself why some of the people died with such tragic. Are they bad or what?
    Hope your answer will help me feel better and live happily with my family.
    Published Date: 2010-05-05
    Praise be to Allaah.  
    My dear brother, how often we fail to look at things with a balanced view. How often we find problems in our daily lives that stem from the extremes of either concern or negligence. The one who seeks happiness and success in this world has to have a balanced approach without letting the one outweigh the other. In this manner he can strengthen his heart with faith and find peace of mind in doing that which he is required to do. What you are complaining of does not stem from ignorance of the root of the matter, rather it stems from the fact that you are focusing more on fear and the causes of fear and you are forgetting about being optimistic and not paying any attention to it. 

    You know that death is an inevitable reality that will come to every living thing, and no one will be spared that, no matter how noble his status before Allaah. Allaah said to His Prophet, the noblest of all creation (interpretation of the meaning): 

    “Verily, you (O Muhammad) will die, and verily, they (too) will die”

    [al-Zumar 39:30] 

    And Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): 

    “Everyone shall taste death. And only on the Day of Resurrection shall you be paid your wages in full. And whoever is removed away from the Fire and admitted to Paradise, he indeed is successful. The life of this world is only the enjoyment of deception (a deceiving thing)”

    [Aal ‘Imraan 3:185] 

    And the poet said: 

    Every son of a female, no matter how long he lives,

    Will one day be carried on the bier. 

    The positive kind of fear of death is that which make a person check himself and watch himself, and bring himself to task for bad deeds. This fear is that which makes a man keep away from sin and persist in praying for forgiveness and repenting. As for the kind of fear that makes a person panic, expect the worst and feel helpless, and discourages him from taking any action and prevents him from doing his duties, this is a negative and blameworthy kind of fear. The one who feels this has to strive hard to rid himself of it and put a stop to it. Perhaps this is what the questioner is feeling, and he thinks that this waswasah (whisper from the Shaytaan) is a warning of danger and a sign that the end is near. But this is not the case. All it is, is a whisper from the accursed Shaytaan, to cause distress to the believer and to make his life a misery, and there is nothing real behind it. This is why, when you went to the hospital for tests, they showed that you are in good health, which should make you feel better and give you peace of mind. Perhaps we can help you by telling you how to get rid of this waswasah (whisper from the Shaytaan), in the following ways: 

    1 – Firmly implanting in your heart the belief that whatever Allaah wills happens, and whatever He does not will does not happen. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): 

    “And you cannot will unless (it be) that Allaah wills the Lord of the ‘Aalameen (mankind, jinn and all that exists)”

    [al-Takweer 81:29] 

    Death is nothing but the decree of Allaah which the son of Adam has no way of warding off or avoiding. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): 

    “Say (O Muhammad ): ‘I have no power over any harm or profit to myself except what Allaah may will. For every Ummah, there is a term appointed; when their term comes, neither can they delay it nor can they advance it an hour (or a moment)’”

    [Yoonus 10:49] 

    “Wheresoever you may be, death will overtake you even if you are in fortresses built up strong and high”

    [al-Nisa’ 4:78] 

    As this is the case, then fear of death will not delay it or bring it forward, all you will get from your fear of death is misery and worries. Your appointed time will never come until Allaah wills it, at the time that is known to Him, and you can never bring it forward, whether you fear death or not, whether you think about how your end will be or not. This is contrary to the life of peace, stability and tranquility that Allaah wants for the believers. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): 

    “Whoever works righteousness — whether male or female — while he (or she) is a true believer (of Islamic Monotheism) verily, to him We will give a good life (in this world with respect, contentment and lawful provision), and We shall pay them certainly a reward in proportion to the best of what they used to do (i.e. Paradise in the Hereafter)”

    [al-Nahl 16:97] 

    2 – Remembering the kindness and mercy of Allaah towards His believing slaves, for He is Loving, Compassionate and Forgiving, the One Whose mercy prevails over His wrath, Who blesses the sinner with abundant forgiveness. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): 

    “Why should Allaah punish you if you have thanked (Him) and have believed in Him. And Allaah is Ever All‑Appreciative (of good), All‑Knowing”

    [al-Nisa’ 4:147] 

    The believer is promised Paradise when he dies. There is nothing standing between him and Paradise but death. The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “There is no person who bears witness that there is no god but Allaah and that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger, but Allaah will forbid him to the Fire.” (Narrated by Muslim, 47). 

    3 – Always putting your trust in Allaah in all your affairs, and knowing that this trust (tawakkul) will ward off the whispers of the Shaytaan and put an end to them. Once you have resolved to do that, then do not look back. If you feel that these whispers are overwhelming you again, then turn to Allaah and seek refuge in Him. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): 

    “And if an evil whisper comes to you from Shaytaan (Satan), then seek refuge with Allaah. Verily, He is All-Hearer, All-Knower”

    [al-A’raaf 7:200] 

    4 – Lift your head high and look forward; start your daily life with steadfastness and certainty, and approach all your actions with energy and peace of mind. How many good things there are in this world that fill hearts with contentment and tranquility and fill the heart with hope and certain faith. 

    With regard to your question, what is going to happen to you and your family in the future, 

    Subhaan-Allaah (glory be to Allaah)! 

    Are you the one who created them? Are you the one who grants them provision? Are you the one who is taking care of their needs? 

    No, it is Allaah Who does all that, Who is more merciful towards them than you are. Have complete trust that Allaah will never cause them to be lost, may He be glorified and praised. This matter is not up to you at all. If all the people thought in this way no one would have any peace of mind. But praise be to Allaah Who has guaranteed provision for everyone. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): 

    “And no moving (living) creature is there on earth but its provision is due from Allaah. And He knows its dwelling place and its deposit (in the uterus or grave). All is in a Clear Book (Al‑Lawh Al‑Mahfooz — the Book of Decrees with Allaah)”

    [Hood 11:6] 

    So cast these thoughts away from your mind. 

    5 – You should make a lot of du’aa’ asking Allaah to dispel this waswaas (whispers from the Shaytaan) from you. Pray to Him with all humbleness, expressing your weakness and need of Him. And rest assured that He will certainly answer you. Allaah says (interpretation of the meaning): 

    “And when My slaves ask you (O Muhammad) concerning Me, then (answer them), I am indeed near (to them by My Knowledge). I respond to the invocations of the supplicant when he calls on Me (without any mediator or intercessor). So let them obey Me and believe in Me, so that they may be led aright”

    [al-Baqarah 2:186] 

    With regard to those who die as a result of accidents, the fact that they die in this manner does not mean that they are bad at all. Rather people who are counted among the righteous may die in this manner. Think about this hadeeth which will help you to resolve this matter. The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The martyrs are five: those who are stabbed, those who die of a stomach disease, those who drown, those who are crushed by falling walls, and those who die in battle for the sake of Allaah.” (Narrated by al-Bukhaari, no. 615). 

    Look at those who die by drowning, or by fire, or who are crushed by falling walls. Are these not frightening things? But that does not indicate that they are bad, rather the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) called them martyrs (shuhada’), which is the utmost honour. The way in which a person dies does not indicate that he is bad, but Allaah in His wisdom decrees that some people should die in this manner. Perhaps that is in order to raise them in status in Paradise, or to expiate for some of their sins, or for some other reason that we do not know. 

    We ask Allaah to guide you to good deeds and positive thinking.

    • May Allah release u from the pain and agony you are going through. Ameen.
      Just read Allah hu Allah hu rabbi la oushrika bihi shai an.

  22. Salam I'm experiencing a severe death anxiety .I keep thinking I'm gonna die that the angels are coming any moment,my ear become blocked and feel as if I'm gonna lose conscious. It constantly on mind and I'm very scared as I'm a very bad person.

  23. Same thing is happening to me from the past eight months I keep enjoying things but suddenly something strange comes to my mind I ask myself what is going on why is it going on what's the point of living as we are going to die so many questions come to my mind that why am I enjoying it as it is going to end soon please somebody help me I am really depressed I can't enjoy things as I used to de

  24. Hey is any one still here?

    • Tuday is the third day iam having this feeling of dying I never knew lots of peoples are exact in the same situation the fact that iam seeing all of this i have got soo much hopes at least today i can sleep and may allah guide us in the correct path

  25. Aslm brothers and sisters
    Im 17 yrs old... It all started in november... Mostly everyday after maghrib i startet thinking that death is coming and by nxt morning i was better and said that it was my mind that made all this... But still it came back on the nxt evening... Fortunately it was during the holidays and my family went on a trip abroad and during that trip this feeling was gone... However when we returned i was I'll on the return trip and that feeling returned more seriously... Iwaa constantly thinking that i was about to die any second... My heart was beating at twice its usual speed.. however when i was health was better that feeling also left me.. but now im experiencing it again i feel like im going to die any time .. i cannot sleep well.. i cant do my normal work...i cannot be as happy as i used to be... Everytime sth is happening i say maybe this is because im going to die soon... I dont know how to cure this..i started readi g the Quran but it didnt help much( i am not saying it in a bad manner.. the first time i read it since i started feeling like that it made that feeling go away.. but the second time it didnt bring the same desired effect) ... Sometimes i feel annoyed when someone talk about death and irritated...i dont feel like doing something because i tell to myself i m going to die soon.... I dont really know what to do.. it been already 1 week that it started again... Sometimes i even think of ending this by suicide but i know i wont be doing it... Its haraam... Plz anyone.. brother or sisters help me.

    • Brother, same here. Many many people experience this. If you're able to read Arabic search about waswas al mawt on the net. You'll see how many muslims are going through this. Some of them for years and years. From what I've read the way out is with a lot of repentance and going back to Allah and also realizing that this is not real, these are whispers or some kind of psychological disturbance afte going through stress etc. You've been torturing yourself since November. It's time to stop. Turn to Allah, be close to Him and close to Quran (Not everything disappears by reading Quran once, you have to be patient and truly be close to quran and ponder over it's meanings) and ignore these feelings. There's a praiseworthy fear from death in Islam and it doesn't look like what we're experiencing. Since I realized that these are just whispers I am much better alhamdulillah. You should try too.

      • Thank you sister soo much.... Ill read about waswas and in sha allah everhthing will return to normal... U can't imagine how much u helped me... Jazakallah

        • Stay strong ! And follow up on your condition please

          • Thank you.... I only wanted to know what do u mean by a praiseworthy fear? My mind keep pondering on that

          • Praiseworthy fear from death means a positive fear that every Muslim must have,the one that makes Him be conscious of Allah, do more good deeds, stay firm on the path of Islam and try to please Allah and prepare for the world to come. And with that dose of fear one is able to live normal happy life just like everyone else. The fear that we who imagine that we will dye feel,often takes one away from Allah, makes you unable to do good deeds, clouds your mind with fears and doubts, paralyzes you from studying and doing beneficial deeds, am I right?

          • It's true... I can't lead a happy life as i used to have.... I can't hardly sturdy.... I can't hardly help my family... I am always keeping myself isolated...nor i want to speak....and sometimes it happens to me to think whether Allah will answer my prayers.. i know its bad to think about this.. i also restrain myself from commiting sins... this thought is really making my life difficult... But its true that these thoughts are like whispers... As if someone is telling it to you in your head and on the left side...

    • How are you doing now brother? Has the situation changed?

      • Aslm... alhamdullilah Yes I'm actually feeling better.... Im no more having panic attacks.. i can more cope with those bad actually seeing a psy... Insha allah ill be back to normal soon.

        • That's great to hear, alhamdulillah! Please share tips from psyc so I and others can benefit too

        • Assalamoualaikum Bhai Zoubair... Even I am experiencing the same kind of fear and anxiety. The problem is I cant get it out of my mind. It is interfering with my day to day life and preventing me to live happily. Can you please share the tips of your psy so that this can at least help me to cope with the fear and anxiety.
          Thanking you in advance...

  26. So it's been few months already since you're feeling this, right? How did it all start, if you dont mind sharing?

    So from what I understood, you don't like this feeling and you're afraid but in the first post you're talking about thinking of suicide. Your fear from death tells me you wanna live and you feel there's still so much to do, right? So why would you even think of suicide?

    Please realize this is just shaytan trying to use this difficult situation against you so please throw him together with his idea of suicide out of the window.

    I would suggest you read surah al baqara a lot. And spend time with your family, they'll make you laugh and you'll forget about this thoughts at least for a while.

  27. Salaam, I'm going through the exact thing lately. I have anxiety too and I think that it plays a big role in this feeling. No one knows for sure when they are going to die except for Allah (swt) and my advice would be to pray and seek forgiveness and make good deeds so you can feel good about yourself and do good by Allah. I know the feeling of death being around the corner is scary but we have to prepare ourself to meet Allah at any given time. I hope this helps.

  28. salam everyone,

    i started having this anxiety recently. my anxiety would go away and then come back all of a sudden, it would come back mostly when i get triggered. I initially had hypochondria, it started at the beginning of this month and lasted for 2 weeks it then developed into this anxiety. before this happened i was obsessing over other things like at the start of this year i was obsessed with my future it lasted for like 2-3 months, i couldnt sleep at night thinking about what degree to take and univ to go to, i thought this were crucial decisions i had to make since i stopped for a yr from college to think things thru -i tried two different degrees before it didnt work out. ive been very impatient and irritated lately since i had this anxiety i get mad and anxious whenever someone mentions or i read anything that would trigger this anxiety attack. whenever i have this attacks i slowly lose faith and lose will praying i feel like doing nothing as everything seem so pointless to me and im more convinced after it stops that this is all bc of waswas but i cant seem to shake off the feeling that it might be not and then i blame this feeling on waswas again. this anxiety made me more religious tho i have started praying more and was more conscious of the things i did i make duas/dhikr almost everyday now i started praying cos i thot i was being punished but since ive seen comments from other ppl about being more religious when they started having this anxiety and thinking they were being punished, i think this is pretty normal.

    i want to know why im suffering so much from this, does this mean anything in Islam? is this a sign? I know its haram(?) to believe in omens in islam and ive read somewhere that continuing to entertain these thoughts will just attract them more so im trying my best to get myself distracted.
    i also want to hear anyones opinion on this(it will be very much be appreciated), if this all bc of my personality im a huge introvert, im really quiet, i spend alot of time in my head, i overthink everything, i worry alot i also have anxiety and mild ocd but i still havent seen a psy about these and im guessing these two contributed alot and also adding the fact that ive stopped for a yr from college which just gave me more time to excessively worry about a lot of things. i really want to go back to my old self since im about to go back to college this august and im scared that this would greatly affect my grades.. pls anyone reply i feel like im going to go crazy.. brothers and sisters pls help me im too young to be suffering from this am only 18 ive always thought that i was weak mentally but this is too much pls anyone reply

    my plan is im just waiting for this obsession to go away like how my hypochondria went away ive had the anxiety for a week now.

    Wahsalaam alikum..

  29. salam

    i started having this anxiety recently. my anxiety would go away and then come back all of a sudden, it would come back mostly when i get triggered. I initially had hypochondria, it started at the beginning of this month and lasted for 2 weeks it then developed into this anxiety. before this happened i was obsessing over other things like at the start of this year i was obsessed with my future it lasted for like 2-3 months, i couldnt sleep at night thinking about what degree to take and univ to go to, i thought this were crucial decisions i had to make since i stopped for a yr from college to think things thru -i tried two different degrees before it didnt work out. ive been very impatient and irritated lately since i had this anxiety i get mad and anxious whenever someone mentions or i read anything that would trigger this anxiety attack. whenever i have this attacks i slowly lose faith and lose will praying i feel like doing nothing as everything seem so pointless to me and im more convinced after it stops that this is all bc of waswas but i cant seem to shake off the feeling that it might be not and then i blame this feeling on waswas again. this anxiety made me more religious tho i have started praying more and was more conscious of the things i did i make duas/dhikr almost everyday now i started praying cos i thot i was being punished but since ive seen comments from other ppl about being more religious when they started having this anxiety and thinking they were being punished, i think this is pretty normal.

    i want to know why im suffering so much from this, does this mean anything in Islam? is this a sign? I know its haram(?) to believe in omens in islam and ive read somewhere that continuing to entertain these thoughts will just attract them more so im trying my best to get myself distracted.
    i also want to hear anyones opinion on this(it will be very much be appreciated), if this all bc of my personality im a huge introvert, im really quiet, i spend alot of time in my head, i overthink everything, i worry alot i also have anxiety and mild ocd but i still havent seen a psy about these and im guessing these two contributed alot and also adding the fact that ive stopped for a yr from college which just gave me more time to excessively worry about a lot of things. i really want to go back to my old self since im about to go back to college this august and im scared that this would greatly affect my grades.. pls anyone reply i feel like im going to go crazy.. brothers and sisters pls help me im too young to be suffering from this am only 18 pls anyone reply

    my plan is im just waiting for this obsession to go away like how my hypochondria went away ive had the anxiety for a week now.

    Wahsalaam alikum..

    • @aisah
      How are ? What was the conclusion ?

      • im still suffering from the same thing but it has been an on and off feeling lately Alhamdulillah. why? are you going thru the same thing right now?

        • @aisah
          You are suffering from death anxiety ???

          • yeah, i cant get it off my mind

          • Its so tough to get it out of.. Every minute every second it kills.. Cannot do any hopeless

          • yes i know the feeling 🙁 you cant concentrate on anything bc your mind is always running and then you get restless ... mine has become tolerable recently tho Alhamdullilah. i still do think about it but it wouldnt stay on my mind for the whole day anymore. have you had these thoughts recently? are you suffering from any anxiety disorder bc maybe it has something to do with it?

          • Yeah... But dear i didn't get what you said " it has something to do with it "...kindly can you explain this

          • bc i think this is normal for someone who suffers from any anxiety disorders.. i have panic disorder and ocd, i get sudden periods of intense fear whenever i think about death and i just always feel like something bad will happen, its not only death that i keep thinking about.. i keep thinking about diseases or ill get into an accident etc.. is this feeling youre having like youre going to die soon??

          • Yeah...and whenever i read news that someone has passed away. I got heart beats much faster

          • i panic too whenever i read anything related to death.. this is why i rarely go on social media now, ive even noticed how many times i encounter the word death on the internet and it makes me so anxious bc i kept thinking theyre signs but theyre not... do you suffer from any other physical symptoms when you panic?? bc i dont think i get heart palpitations like you, i only sweat a lot and get restless and agitated for the whole day. ..even tho mine has become bearable recently i still get intense fear whenever i start thinking about death again.. i just prayed salat everyday and do duas and dhikr everynight and its helping.. is this axiety making you feel more religious? bc its making me

          • No.. No other physical symptoms. Alhumdullilah. But these thoughts are so scary..

          • yes i know theyre scary, just pray. it helps a lot 🙂 if youre suffering from any mental illness tho, go see a psy bc it could be the reason behind all these thoughts.. i havent seen a psy myself but im planning to bc sometimes when the feeling gets so strong, i panic and it gets to the point where its so unbearable..

          • @Aisah
            Is there any email of yours so that i can talk to you apart from this website

          • We do not allow the exchange of private contact info.


          • @aisah
            Can you plz tell me some more symptoms of yours..i mean how you felt..
            Its so irritating

          • i cant concentrate, i sweat and then cant sit still whenever i start thinking about death. i get annoyed whenever someone mentions anything related to death and i start getting irritated with everyone and everything. one time i even lashed out on my brother cuz i was so annoyed, it was that bad.. oh and you can msg me @ aisahjbansao@ gmail

  30. Assalamoualaikum

    This is wass wassa. Shaitan plays with you to make you feel you will die without being forgiven by Allah. I had same some few months back.

    Read astaghfirullah, quran and lailaha illallah and read your namaz.

    Insha allah you will be ok.


    • What were the feelings you have ? @zinatc

    • Assalamu alaikum my brothers and sisters,

      I have been having fear of death for about 2 weeks. I just spoke with my mom and feel relieved when she told me that we should never despair of the Mercy of Allah.

      In fact it is disbelief to be despair of Allah's Mercy.

      "Despair not of Allah's Mercy. Certainly, no one despairs of Allah's Mercy except those who disbelieve." (Quran 12:87)

      There is no benefit in thinking about death all the time and not preparing for the Hereafter.

      May Allah help everyone of us. Ameen.

  31. Salam. I've been going through a lot in my life and i was wondering if you guys could help me out with your help. All i could say for now is alhamdulliah. Mt dad passed away over a year and a half ago and i've been getting really bad anxiety symptoms because I have many things i want to accomplish in this life and i've always wanted to become a doctor,grow up and get married. Also, i keep getting thoughts of death like something is going to haooen to me soon and i get very overwhelmed. I don't know where these death thoughts are coming from. Idk if allah subhannah wa tahala is testing me or what it is. DOes allah test people with the fear of death? Also, i heard that those allah tests are the ones he loves and the peeople he wants to give a good life too.

    • @Wissamabuhmoud exactly what are your thoughts about death..

    • Exactly the same situation is with me.... My dad died one and half year ago and from last three months when I came back from umrah after umrah on first of Ramadan em having feeling of death... I feel like I'll die and the death angel is around me...em suffering from anxiety... But now I offer namaz and read Surah's...i feel better now...
      I feel panic Evey sec I feel like I'll die.... My heart beats fast I sweat and I got pain at my heart side... My left side gets numb... I had my medical tests every test is perfectly fine.... But this thought of death is disturbing my life...
      But zikar of ALLAH gives me sakoon and I feel relax... But I really want to live my normal life... And yes ALLAH test his loveable ppl.... May ALLAH g help us... AAMEEN

      • @Faiza can you please talk to me somewhere else ? I also have this situation..

        • We do not allow posting private contact info, sorry.


          • Seriously its urgent..i need her help.. Plz

          • Fatima, please read the answers given on this post and other similar posts on this website, and if you like you can submit your question as a separate post.


          • Aslam o Alikum All. I am suffering from extreme death anxiety..i cannot even take breath... With every breath i feel like i will die.. Its been 5 months since its going on and on..can anyone help how can i remove it..its taking away my life i cannot do any work properly. Plus i feel very tired all day long.. If i move from one room to another my legs feel very tired.. Exhausted.. Its terrible feeling.. Can anyone help regarding this

        • Hello Fatima yes v can talk...

      • I have the same feeling. They started a week ago. And I also look around the rooms for the death angel. It truly is frightening. I have been diagnosed with anxiety, but I keep thinking “what if this time it’s not anxiety?” It’s really scary and unpleasant. Insha’allah I come to terms with it and continue my life normally.

  32. Assalamualaikum..I too had the same feeling for the past 10 days guys... Then I went through a YouTube video on how to deal with this fear... Then I got the most beautiful message which can help everyone going through this.. The message is that you need to think good all the time and that will happen to you and get rid of bad thoughts of dying.. It's based on your neeyat.. Think good.. It really works..Allah ka shukur..

    • A.alkm
      I also have the same fear does someone really know when he gonna die.. this feeling is driving me crazy i cant sleep i have a 7 month old daughter when i look at her and the thought of me leaving her comes i feel so bad.. its been 5 months now please help...

  33. A/a
    I always feel that i am going to die and always tbinking about my grave. Thoughts of death.. But when i am with my friends.. I xont think about death and when i am alone it suddenly occurs.....i am suffering this from last 3 months.......helpless ..... Hopeless......... Can u plz help me? I m 16 years old.......

  34. Does this death anxiety really go away??

    • Don't know

    • Pray 5 times a day and a lot of istsgfar, this helps u a lot maryam because this helps me a lot alhumdulilah

      • Shukran
        Does it really go away completly

        • No mariam it will not go away as i m still dealing with it

          • Im also dealing with it but its not bad as it was...

          • Mine is always at its peak.cant sleep even peacefully.. Dont know the reason of this

          • Fatima how do u feel??

          • Hi Mariam.. it feels like I m going to die on the very next moment.. my breath will stop anytime. the angel of death can come anytime. like this.. I feel like I m having a big disease ( may ALLAH forgive me ).. if I see someone on social media that he/she died through this disease I started to fear that I will also die like this.
            so this is how I feel.
            Let me know about your condition too DEAR.

          • Fatima im really sorry ur going thru this. is there a reason for the anxiety? its sound like its starting to get worse, as you mentioned not being able to even sleep peacefully. do u have someone u can talk to about this?

            also, when you feel these thoughts about your death approaching, take advantage of it and turn this 'fear' into something good -- make it the reason you get closer to Allah SWT and become a better muslimah. Maybe you can try to use this fear to encourage yourself to stay away from haraam and strive to do good in this life.

            Best of luck and lots of love <3

          • HI...How are you ? thanks for your keen interest on my problem.
            I really Don't know whats is this... may be anxiety may be depression...who knows.. sometimes its good...sometimes it start to get worse.
            Yeah, I tried to take it in a positive way that is to become closer to ALLAH. but I failed very badly. it didn't helped me though.

          • A.a fatima
            I feel soo bad wallah i cant sleep i just see myself dying the next minute.. i dnt know why i have this fear

          • Yes....wallahi i have same feeling. I feel like dying even i close my eyes... This is disgusting. My daily routine gets disturbed

          • Asalam .. i m 18 i just got this feelings from week after my last paper i really didnt have such problmes or worries it sudeenly started once it strted last year in umrah i completly loose concious , now i dont kno weather i m dieng or close to death whatever i have read its written mostly that whn u feel ths fear its mean u closer to death its striking me more , i m actually not saying i dont want to die i would be happy to as its guft from Lors but i dont understand where does ths feelings come from and why. In sleep also i think of thss i cant be happy i cant eat iftari or sehri i think about it alot i cant think of future studies as i just finsihed my 12th ,please help me what is ths

          • Same for me too...i came from umrah and got these feelings

          • Dear sister Fatima please don’t worry in sha allah everything is going to be fine try reading 5 times and pray to Allah and breathe from your nose and out of your mouth you are suffering from anxiety I’m also suffering from Same thing just remember it can’t hurt or do any harm try to break out of it , I’m also going through the same thing don’t worry your not alone just face it and in sha Allah everything will be fine , just trust me face it and you shall be ok , don’t watch or do things that make you panic read a lot especially Surah al Fatiha it will help immensely get someone to give you water dham from peer or some sort

  35. alhamdulillah, I am fine. I hope things get better sister. I really feel sorry for you 🙁
    did u talk to anyone about this in real life (not online) ? Do u think u can approach ur parents about this issue?

  36. Aoa! I have recently had a severe panic attack telling em I'm going to die soon. The anxiety is still continued. Now, I feel someone in my family is going to die soon. I dont know how to get rid of this fear. Please help.

    • Hi zahra, this is fatima
      hope you are in good health.
      i can help you as I already dealt with it
      pls get me through your contact

      • Hi. Is it possible for you to contact me somehow? I am going through the exact same thing.

      • Hello Sister,

        My wife has been undergoing a bad situation. She thinks she's gonna die shortly. Can you help her as well InshaAllah? You can send me an email at ***. Then, I will introduce her with you. Thank you in advance.

        Anis Fagun

    • Me too, I’ve been having panic attacks and anxiety attacks and feel like my death is near. How did it go for you? Are you better?

      • Hi tala, hope you are fine.

        I experienced same and till now. I came back from umrah and got this anxiety. its severely affects your mental health also your physical condition

        • How long has it been since it started? Is it better than before? Is it just my anxiety or am I really going to die?

          • its more than 2 years now. and i still suffer. from this platform one of the girl contacted me over email, she suffered same. we talked and i used to guide her since i experienced alot.

        • I have the same feeling. They started a week ago. And I also look around the rooms for the death angel. It truly is frightening. I have been diagnosed with anxiety, but I keep thinking “what if this time it’s not anxiety?” It’s really scary and unpleasant. Insha’allah I come to terms with it and continue my life normally.

          • Do you still feel the same? I’ve been dealing with it for 4 months. I relate everything to death. I lost a close friend 4 months ago and she’s only 28. I’m 33. I was so traumatised by it that led me to this excessive fear of death. I compared my life to hers and it’s almost alike and I start to worry I’m going to die. Or how I will die. Will I go to hell or heaven. Will I die today? Will I die in the next hour? The list goes on.

        • Fatima do you also feel like death is near?

          • yes i do feel. every second specially nights. there is a dream history behind this also.... since it's a longgggg process..... its like i m used to it

          • How long did it take you to get used to it? and do you know what causes this? like is it the shaytan, anxiety, a warning? It's really bothering me. Also will distractions help? Like going on trips, school work, games?

          • I can help and explain you really better, is it possible for us to talk to another platform? over here it's not that easy for me to explain since it's a long process I went through

  37. Hello,

    I've been going through the same things as you. The thoughts are really bad, and I hate them. How have you been since? I know it's been a long time and I am late, but I wanted to know if you are better now.

    • Hi, subahanallah I have been going through the exact same thing!! Every day for the past 2 months coming up to 3. I keep thinking I’m dying. And people say it’s in my head but I think no what if it’s real life? What’s if it’s a sign from Allah? It’s so horrible. It’s causing me severe depression. Please let me know if you’ve received any help for it or if you’ve recovered. I genuinely can’t cope anymore.

      • I have the same problem. Can we contact on another platform?

        • Asalamualaykum Emma,

          I think you should see a psychiatrist or therapist, because it sounds like you may have obsessive and/or delusional thinking.



  38. In reply to Nidkhan!!! I really hope you see this.

    3 years after the panic attacks started, I would like to tell you that alhamdulilallah, I got over the death thoughts. I relapse sometimes like once every 2-3 months I would have a moment where these thoughts come back, but since I have built strong habits against these types of thoughts, it became 2nd nature for me to ignore them.

    The first six months were the hardest, the attacks were weekly and would linger the most. The best thing is to hear reassurance from people you trust like your mother. Yes, she might say stop over-reacting, stop this nonsense, etc, but that is exactly what you need. The more you hear people telling you that what you do is "no normal", has "nothing to do with Islam", it is "just your brain", you will start to register it too!

    I had to get constant reassurance that this is not something in Islam, there is no such thing as "I can predict or feel when I will die". You need to keep hearing this and telling it to yourself.

    Another thing I trained myself to do is that whenever I feel that I am about to start having the death thoughts, I would snap my head like a small shake. These thoughts usually come when we are free with nothing to do, nothing else to focus on, so by training myself to snap my head whenever it happens, it breaks the negative thought cycle and pushes my attention towards the sudden movement. Yours can be a head snap too, or to raise your hand, anything you like. Make sure to do it each time the thoughts start, after a while it becomes 2nd nature and happens automatically and breaks your thoughts. It has been really, really effective for me as it alerts me, too, that the thoughts started. These thoughts will plague you when you least expect it and when you are not paying attention, the fear sets in after you realise what you are thinking about. This is why a sudden change or movement stops them. It is also good to alert people you trust like friends or family that when you make your sudden movement (whatever you choose it to be), they should know that it indicates the thoughts running wild, and they should comfort you or make a small conversation to draw your mind away.

    When I felt stronger and wanted to explore death from an Islamic prospective, I realised we should not fear death. Death is scary when you are sinning, we fear death because of the pain of the grave, going to hell, not having another chance to become a better muslim, etc. We do not fear death because of death itself. The best thing to do for your own ease is to realise that if you have faith and are trying your best as a muslim, death will be the beginning of our true journey to heaven. Stop the sins you know you do, work on your faith more, and your fear will become less since you believe in your self and ability to go to heaven! Trust in Allah's forgiveness with all your heart! This took me around 1.5-2 years to become comfortable with the topic of death.

    The next thing is to busy yourself! These thoughts, as I said, will come when we are free with our brains running wild to think about it. If we are preoccupied with something else, they won't plague us. I got into sports, figure skating, running, I watched TV shows are thought about them, read books, talked with others. I, most importantly, LEFT THE HOUSE!!! We may not realise it, but being home may not be the safest place mentally for us. Go out for shopping groceries, go out with friends, go somewhere fun. My dealbreaker was when I started going back to school in-person. I hated it, yes, but now it gave me something else to think about. I thought about how much I hated going to school, waking up early, doing HWs, etc, but these thoughts occupied my mind now, more than death. There was no time to think about death, I had so much going on. BY now, it is 2021 and I only think about death when I have to go to sleep and have nothing else to think about.

    My last straw that ended all my problems were trips! During this time, my family was thinking about moving to a new area. We took our car and drove across the country to explore possible options. This type of exhausting and uncomfortable travel was exactly what I needed to train my brain not to think of death when I am having nothing else to do. It was the noisy stuffy car that helped me. Even if my brain had nothing to think about, my family's voices and shows they are watching, the arguments, all conditioned my brain not to think of death. Even if I was not focusing on what they are saying, I knew they were there and could see and hear them. It was enough distraction for my brain not to linger on death thoughts. When we arrive at hotels, I am exhausted beyond recognition and just 1sec on the pillow and I am off to sleep land. I had no time to think of death every time my eyes closed because I was too tired to, when they come, I would just automatically groan and say to myself "this is ridiculous, I do not have time for this" and would doze off immediately. When I wake up and realise what I did, I feel proud of myself. I have now officially conditioned myself to feel ridiculous whenever these thoughts come, they almost never come, but when they do, they do not bother me at all. I still think of death, but instead of being scared and anxious, I feel fine and just ignore them.

    3 years later, I am proud of the progress, and I am thankful for every harsh word I heard. Without the harsh reality hitting me, I would not have realised how stupid this is, I am not in a "Final Destination" film.

    Dear Nidkhan, work hard on being a good muslim so even if death were to come, you are not scared of the pain. It is a test, each thought that tortures you, erases your sins, it is a reminder that Allah loves you, he wants you back on track.

    With this experience, I started wearing the hijab, I did not start wearing it properly when the thoughts began, but I started nonetheless; I realised, I did not want to die without having worn one. Now after 3 years, I am wearing to the best of my abilities, and I still fear death, but not because I am scared of dying, but because I want to die as the best me; I hope I die with the good muslims.

    I also started hoping to move to Mecca and work in the Kaaba, that way, even if I die, I will die in a holy place, go to heaven. I now strive to please Allah.

    Remember, these is no such thing in Islam as I feel like I will die tomorrow, or soon. You won't know until your time has come. Let go of these thoughts and live life, that is how you get over them. Think of them like unwanted ads on a Google tab, you use an adblocker to not see them. The same things, living your life and filling your brain with other things to think about to the point where there is no time to think of death, you block them.

    I wish you the best of luck, please comment as much as you want here; I will reply in'sha'allah when I read them. I log here once a week, but if I see more questions and comments, I will log on as needed!!!

    I truly hope all who read this realise that it will pass! Reach out to me, this is a safe space. I have been through it all, and willing to share all details from A-Z about the matter and progress. No question is off limits no matter how stupid you think it is, if it bothers you, please ask me as I know how hard this is!!


  39. In reply to Maya,

    Dear Maya, please know that the gut feeling was coincedence, not a fact. Not everytime you get. gut feeling, it will get fulfilled. Please do not worry about these death thoughts. They are just a product of your mind and not real. As we all know, in Islam, no one knows when they will die.

    Per the websites terms and conditions, we are not allowed to share personal contact information, so feel free to ask here within these forums. This is a no judging area since many people come here for guidance and help, there is no shame in seeking help!

    Also, feel free to read my previous responses
    There are many others going through what you are going so you are not alone in this. I already shared all what I can think of, so if you need more, please ask questions that I can answer for you and share my experience. Don't be afraid of asking whatever it is that is bothering you, I will try to help and answer no matter what!

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