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Ishtiqara dream interpretation – green mangoes and black hijab (CLOSED)

She saw herself purchasing green and half green and yellow mangoes, and suddenly a glance of our white bedsheet.

Istikhara after rejected marriage proposal

I prayed istikhara and saw a dream. What would the answer be?

Istikhara about Marriage

I found that I got sick after our engagement. My isthikhara also came negative I think. Do you think these are both related?

Istikara for marriage

Please help me out by interpreting these dreams…

Please tell me istikhara dream meanings

I prayed a lot. I asked some pious person to do istikhara and got a positive answer. Also I myself have done istikhara twice… these are my dreams…

Can dua change our kismet?

I am praying intensely to Allah that I should marry my boyfriend.

Isthikara result – I need to know

Please give me the answer for my dream.

I did istikhara for my love

Please tell me the meaning of my dream and also tell me what should i do now.

Istikhara has been un-clear

She did istekhara for “how will our marriage go?”. She saw a dream and got worried. And decided that she will do istekhara again. But it hasn’t been clear…

Istikhara Answer – Confusing Dreams

I have been in a fix for a few years about a marriage proposal – due to family pressure I have to consider it. I have performed Istikhara four times, and saw different dreams…