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Can dua change our kismet?

I am praying intensely to Allah that I should marry my boyfriend.

Isthikara result – I need to know

Please give me the answer for my dream.

I did istikhara for my love

Please tell me the meaning of my dream and also tell me what should i do now.

Istikhara has been un-clear

She did istekhara for “how will our marriage go?”. She saw a dream and got worried. And decided that she will do istekhara again. But it hasn’t been clear…

Istikhara Answer – Confusing Dreams

I have been in a fix for a few years about a marriage proposal – due to family pressure I have to consider it. I have performed Istikhara four times, and saw different dreams…

Need help with istikhara dream

I’m a 22 year old girl. I recently received a proposal and I prayed Istikhara. I dreamt that it was my wedding day and every thing was a disaster.

In love but my Mum says no

His family came to my house to ask for my hand but my mum said no straight away without even getting to know the family. He decided he still ain’t going to leave me and we can work something out.. so we decided to do istikhara…

I cannot choose between two brothers

They are two brothers. They both are my neighbour. One is very close friend of mine, the younger one.

But somehow, I like elder one because I saw dream about him. I said to him, “Will you marry me?” I asked so many times this question of him. You are all aware of my past. I don’t want to take risk so I did isthikhaara, asking who is better for me. I am so confused! But now it’s a difficult situation for me.

I had a dream of shining white teeth, is it a positive sign?

He broke up with me after one year. I did Istikhara and I had a dream I was brushing my teeth and I look in the mirror and I have bright shining white teeth.

Who should do the Istikhara for marriage?


I’m a 20 yr old muslim girl. A guy asked for my proposal and spoke to my mom about this. His aunt spoke to my mother and discussed things. Later on the guys aunt and grand mother did istikhara and saw bad dreams whereas me and my mother saw good.