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Couldn’t sleep after namaz-e-Istikhara

I felt dizziness but couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t have dream due to sleeplessness.

Help needed in understanding istikhara

I’m married but separated as was victim of domestic violence… My husband wants us to get back together and my family really insisting me for divorce.

Love but we make it arrange marriage – CLOSED

He can legally send his parents to my home and I also do istakhara… But my family not convince on this proposal.

Ishtakara dream of shoes

What is the meaning of this dream, what I have to do?

Marriage with a sick person

He told me about his illness and health – any miracle can happen but he’s not sure and his life is not strong.

Istikhara for future studies

Kindly tell me the interpretation as I need guidance as soon as possible.

I know she’s committing zina elsewhere

I saw a dream that she is getting married with me. Should I follow dream or not?

Need my istikhara dream interpretation

My cousin and I want to marry. For taking decision to be with him or not I did istikhara.

Istikhara for marriage

Is there any hadith that validate seeing red color means bad?

Ishtiqara dream interpretation – green mangoes and black hijab (CLOSED)

She saw herself purchasing green and half green and yellow mangoes, and suddenly a glance of our white bedsheet.