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I perform Istikhara for whether to accept proposal or not.

I saw a dream after Istikhara prayer and dua that i am at unknown room and just close to my room there is a tution class in which a sir is teaching students. it comes to my mind to go there as i feel that one of my mom's friend's son is taking classes over there.

i jumped from a window or a way to that place and there were stair. i step down through stairs then i am at unknown street where there is may be 2girl and her mom. when i saw her there was an uncertain fear in me that may be she want me to punish from that sir who is giving classes where girls are not allowed. i was trying to make her underatand that i want classes because only one month left for my  exams but she cleverly told her daughter or girl beside her that to call that sir with intention to punish me and understand what she wants.

and i started to walk back steadily to keep myself safe and while i am walking i saw that sir passing by me. than i walk stedily and now i am at different place where two of 14-15 year boy is chasing me to beat me. then one of a guy slap me and my heart becomes really sad and i start making him count good  things which i did for him before then he regret why i slap her.

then again i at different place and my grand father my mother's father is searching me to beat me and my mother is helping him and my mother is following me. i become disappoint of my mother that she is not saving me. i slap her lightly and between dream i saw white light is appearing in dream 3 times and my eyes suddenly open after dream at 5:am.

please tell me interpretation of this may Allah bless all of you


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  1. السلام عليكم ورحمه الله وبركاته

    هلا حبيبتي

    Hope things are well with you.

    A dream can be interpreted in many different ways as it depends on each persons level of understanding and knowledge.

    my advise to you is, it’s best to ask a trusted Imaam who can help you understand your dream.



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