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Christian mother vs. Islamic marriage

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I recently got married but have yet to get a marriage license. My mother is a Christian and my husband and I are Muslim. My mom refuses to recognize our marriage.

I am currently living with my mom and when my husband comes to visit she will not let us share the same room because she does not recognize our marriage.

What should I do about this? Do I have the right to be upset with her?

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  1. Mom's house, mom's rules, even if the rules are unreasonable. At least she lets him come and visit. Follow your mother's rules in her house, but try to move out and be united with your husband as soon as possible.

    If your mother's lack of recognition for your marriage is a problem, why not go ahead and get the civil marriage license as well. Maybe that will change her mind.

    But as I said, try to get a residence with your husband soon.

    Wael Editor

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