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Menstruation Problem

Two Muslim girls.

Two Muslim Girls

Salam Brothers and Sisters

I have a question but kind of shy to ask but I need answer. I am not getting my menstruation process monthly. I would like to know if there is any dua or or anything I could do to get it regularly? It's very important for me now. Any advice would do.

Jazallahu Khair.


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  2. Are you married?

  3. I had the same issue I went to the doctors and stuff they booked me an appointment to get a scan ontop of my tummy and stuff from there they found out nothing was wrong they said it must be to do with my diet and stuff, sister have you visited the doctors about this certain topic because its good to get a scan and to check the problem you will find out your issue in no time .

    my one was poor diet so it wount always be a bad outcome , hope in shaa allah yours will get sorted soon like mine did wish you all the best.

  4. ASA sister.

    It doesnt matter if you are married nor your age that is irrelevent. If you have already had your cyclenyou should always get it monthly. Go see a doctor!!!!!! It could be stress orr a thyroid issue or poycystic ovarian... Or if you are married you could ve pregnant.


  5. Sister,

    Kay786 is correct. Your hormones are unbalanced and this can be caused by a number of things, one being a poor diet. My daughter is 18 and went to her doctor just last week for the very same reason as your post. She had an ultrasound and now awaits a phone call from her doctor to see what is going on and why the irregularity. Once you know what the issue is, you can then address it.


  6. As-salamu alaykum sister. You didn't mention your age but I get the impression that maybe you are young and have not begun menstruating yet and you're wondering why. Puberty comes to different people at different times. It can come very early, or even in the mid to late teens in some cases. So don't worry about that.

    If you are older and have stopped menstruating, you might be pregnant, or it could be a health issue. Professional runners often stop menstruating when their body fat percentage drops below a certain level. You should see a doctor.

    Wael Editor

  7. i didnt get my menses since 5 months and i get some flacky fragments and red and brown spottings if so can i observe fast???? i need to get my menses in normal way without consuming any pills im 21 yrs old i need best dua in order to get this obstacle. please help me please may allah bless ameen!

  8. Asslamoalikum rehmatula wa barakh I heard in QTV it's Islamic channal that for monthly irregular period read Surat Dahar blow on water and drink it daily but I didn't try alhumdullah I don't need so I an try May Allah give u shafa amin

  9. is it reely serious coz i get periods once in two monthe
    im really scared plees reply
    wats the matter
    by the way im 15

  10. Asalamulikum...sorry I want to ask there is any dua for periods come last period date was 2th September 6th I only feel little light colour of spot.then it's stop no coming and my hubby is out of town from 6months and INSHALLAH he is coming back 30th September.i did many herb things which r old ladies told me but no use.please I am worried for that my hubby coming only for 18 days.sometimes it's delay only for 5 to 7 days.but now it's too much late.

  11. Assalamuailkum hello brothers n sisters i have a friend naming asima she's very close and she share everything with me.. She's suffering from irregular periods.. And it seemed that she was in physically relation with her boyfriend but they did not do anything which is haram.. But she is scared.. Please help any dua which can help her for regular periods..? Plzz help..

  12. salam i have that issue that last month my periods date was 25 ,every time it comes 4 days before ,but its 26 but its not coming ,m damn worried about that i am unmarried 24 years old ,i hv some realtionshp but i dont think so that when we do sex penis was just tip into that not full .no superm goes into .but i am worried .i m not able to go for dr ,i just take medicn of gynorite .what i hv to do

    • hina: i am unmarried 24 years old ,i hv some realtionshp but i dont think so that when we do sex penis was just tip into that not full .no superm goes into.

      Even if you just put tip of penis in, there is a little chance you can get pregnant unless you use a condom. Get married and stop this haram sex.

  13. Salam brother, i would like to ask regarding my delayed periods as always for 1 year i am 4x a year to 5x a year i get menstruation,so i am asking what is the best way to do? I want in natural.i am 27yrs old now

  14. Assalamualaikum..I am 18 years old girl my periods are irregular always sometimes they take gap of 4_5 months ..pls suggest me ..jazakallah

  15. My name is sabeena 22 years of old And married women after 1 year . My periods is irregular and treatment in Ayurveda. Sometimes 2/3 month for getting periods ... so plz help to fast periods monthly ...

  16. Assalam o Alaikum..i am not a married am a student and I am 18 years old girl my periods are irregular now first time sometimes they take gap of 15,20days but
    Now 2months ..please tell me what is the reason?.Actually i'm really upset .

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