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I’m scared to break up with him

I want to end it and devote my life to Allah… I’m scared of what he’ll do.

Fear of going to the grave

I’m afraid from it. I keep thinking about it all the time.

Alcoholic and cheating husband

My husband loves his alcohol and loves trying out different girls… he has beaten me up a lot, tried killing me a few times, treats his kids badly…

My older brother is abusive and causes me many problems

I don’t feel safe living at home because of him…

Arranged marriage? Feel depressed!!

It just scares me so much. This is always on my mind, constantly. I cry when I think about it…

I need help

I’m really scared, please help me.

Will the situation ever change?

I’m afraid I can’t be happy,ever. I’m slowly giving up on myself.

Falling for a married man

I do love him a lot, but I am honestly very afraid that Allah will punish me. I’m not sure what to do …


Why is it coming to me and will it come back?

A Valid Marriage?

I fear my father would kill me or disown me and make all my family disown me.