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Family issue – concerned about inappropriate behavior

I am not able to cope with this event. I am very disturbed and angry about their way of thinking.

My mother is becoming so unreasonable – I don’t know what to do

Is it alright for a mother to do anything that she wants, just because she is a mother? She never listens to anyone, she thinks that only she is right and can never tolerate any confrontation.

Questioning my behaviour towards my parents

generally i am very good son to my parents, but i have sometimes upset them through my anger issues.

What’s wrong with me?

I got married to my husband. It was unplanned wedding. Well, it was planned but not with him. Anyway I love my husband, he is always honest and caring, but he has another wife and two kids also.

I am feeling lost and need advice

I am heart broken and very depressed. But know that if and when I try to get out of this relationship he will make my life hell and will make me suffer.

I will kill myself or kill him…

My wife cheated on me. I will kill myself or kill the man. Please help me.

Losing temper at small things

Much as we love each other, we are both getting extremely short tempered. I can’t seem to deal with it anymore. This reason is no base to divorce him. But I’m finding it so hard to make this marriage work.

My sister is treated cruelly by her mother-in-law

I would like to seek your suggestions how should we handle this situation before taking a strict action.

I’ve cursed my mother

I’ve repented, but ended up doing it again and again. I know Allah will definitely put me in hell.


He said that he can’t handle the relationship anymore as his family won’t be accepting me in the future. He said that he has to do something for his family and he disappeared on me.