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I’m 13 and committed a sin, my Mama will not forgive me

My mama also not believe in me bcoz i have made a promise and break it. And she says she would never forgive me.

Tired of my husband digging his nose and scratching his feet

I am married for almost 2 years now and am very very tired of my husband always digging his nose or scratching his feet.

Is it mandatory for we two to get married now?

One fine day she said that We can’t get married as We don’t match.. She ended it.. So what do I do and what is right thing now..?

Masturbating for about 15 years, trying to quit

I don’t know if my childhood has anything to do with it. I’m not trying to give myself an excuse, because simply there’s NOOO excuse for doing such a low thing, and have it as a habit.

I don’t like my husband; how to end this misery?

I have been married for more than 2 years. my husband has erectile dysfunction for which he takes medication. although he is a good man with occasional bad habits like burping loud and passing wind infrnt of me i do not like him let alone love him.

How can I stop my husband from drinking alcohol?

I am 26 and have been married 8 years. My husband drinks alcohol and does not care about the fact that I despise alcohol. This has caused a lot of issues in our marriage. We are in marriage therapy as well but it seems like nothing will help the issue.

My husband does not make me feel loved during intimacy and I dislike his habits

My husband and me are both muslims from birth. we are married for 7 years. He is not a pious man.But he can be very nice ad very evil . He is always very unpredictable. He cheated on me many times.But I am helpless . I am too dependent on him. Like him Im an educated graduated woman who earns a good income..

My husband drinks alcohol heavily

I need major help please do help me with the right information. My husband drinks beer every night and drinks heavily on weekends and he always wants to have sex and sometimes he gets his way just to avoid the problems.

Boyfriend wants me to convert but he has bad habits

My boyfriend wants me to convert to Islam. I am willing to look in to Islam just for my boyfriend but I don’t find the motivation in my boyfriend’s character or behaviours towards me or other human beings.