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I’m 13 and committed a sin, my Mama will not forgive me

Man praying salat in a fieldMy name is MZ and I am 13 years old. My case is a bit dangerous than Eeman's but i have commited this sin a many time and then repent and repeat. Will my sin be forgived?

My mama also not believe in me bcoz i have made a promise and break it. And she says she would never forgive me.

Can anyone help me pleassssse?

Asslamualikum and Allahafiz,
Pls make dua for me.

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  1. Wa alaikum salam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,
    Young man, I assume that you have reached puberty and that we are referring to the sins mentioned in the tags, which are considered filthy and forbidden in Islam. I will try and be clear with you in sha'allah, as a mother of teenage sons who has had to deal with this. Your sin will be forgiven only if your repentance is sincere. But since you say you keep repeating the sin, it seems that perhaps repentance is less than sincere - Allah subhanahu wa ta'alaa will know this, in which case your misbehavior will be recorded as a sin. He may also decide that a punishment in this dunya is due, e.g. from your mama, to help deter you from repeating it, or He may decide to hide your sin and wait until the next life. Only by showing complete sincerity will you be forgiven and that means truly meaning it in your heart when you tell Allah subhanahu wa ta'alaa that you will not repeat the sin. My advice is to study the Qur'an, especially the surahs that describe the Day of Judgement and the Akhirah. Try to strive for Jannah but also develop a fearful awareness of Allah and His punishments - He is watching us each and every moment of our lives and we can be assured that Allah subhanahu wa ta'alaa will treat us justly and fairly, as long as we obey Him and worship Him in the way that He has taught us through the Qur'an and Sunnah.

  2. Asalamualikum warehmatullah he wabara katu
    I have masterbated. It's winter time and we have some gas issues. I can’t take shower can I pray just cleaning that part ? And doing wudhu ?
    Allah hafiz

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