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Is it mandatory for we two to get married now?

mercy nikah

Assalamualeikum.. I have a very important question to ask.. This is regarding my arranged marriage alliance..

Well i came across this girl from my country n we met n we liked each other n so did the families.. We were very happy n  sure to get married soon n na aozobilla We even kissed..

Then she had to fly to US immidiately for her enrollment in a course n we were in constant touch through skype n we discussed marriage venue, kids, etc.. I started studying for my relocation to US as well.

This went on for a month plus during which We were very intimate to an extent tht she even got naked on skype na aozobilla.. But i didn't mind as it was just about time that We will get married.. She had past bad habits like drinking n going to clubs with guys which I excused coz i loved her..

One fine day she said that We can't get married as We don't match.. She ended it.. So what do i do n what is right thing now..? She doesn't speak with me but her mom does.. What do i request her mom for? I am shattered n devastated.. Plz help.. Jazakallah


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  1. Dear brother,
    She is a bad woman. I think she is still drinking and she doesn't love you. If she doesn't love you why would you want to marry her? Find a good woman.

  2. As per your question and as per my personal opinion


    - Why are you so much craving for her? Just because you saw her naked on skype or whatsoever? Sorry for being blunt but thats my Question.

    - Is she isnt keen in keeping or taking forward the relation with you, what exactly do you converse with her mother? Isnt her mother aware about her daughter not willing to marry you ?

    - Very rarely a person changes to good present who has a bad past. It needs lots of determination & not everyone possess it. So when you knew about her past bad habits what guarentee did you have that she wasnt continuing with the same ?

    To conclude, you have done an Haram act. Keeping in mind you were to marry her but not married and now probably never married to her yet you did all haram activities. Well, that is what has happened now. A lesson learned. She doesnt wants to marry you and no one can force her either. You just have one option go ahead with your life and with your career, time doesnt waits for anyone down the line you might get a much better alliance but at that moment stay away from doing haram acts do it in jayiz way post marriage.

    Wish you all the very Best !

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