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Interpretation of dream

Can you please tell me what it indicates?

I’m in love with a married man whose wife is pregnant

Please do not judge me… rather guide me because I am completely lost.

My Muslim boyfriend is no more… I want to embrace Islam

My boyfriend was Muslim. Recently he embraced martyred. I want to embrace Islam but if I convert my family will reject me forever.

Husband blames me for mother’s passing

I tried desperately to be there for him but instead he told me to get lost and said it was all my fault, I was to blame for her passing and he would never forgive me nor would he compromise for me or our son.


My father had no will nor instructed me to distribute it in a certain way…

I feel like this should be the end.

Can I wish and hope to die peacefully? Can I pray for that? I want this to end. Life to end.

Masturbation, self-harm, childhood abuse and bereavement…

I want to end this pain and I can only see one way out which is suicide but I dont want to do that but it seems no choice for me.

Tribal Laws Marrying Brother’s Widow

Tribal law says that, because children are involved, my fiancé must marry his brother’s widow…

Please pray for me…

At times my patience and faith dwindle alot and I cry but my husband doesn’t care and he says he will never believe me about my relationship with my mother and to not expect more from him now.

My sister in law is alone

I was thinking to get her in my life to give her a good life same as my wife. Is there any way in Islam to help her?