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Seeking advice on the matter of a physical and verbal abuser husband

I was only 18 when I got married to him. He is extremely insecure and abusive towards me.


I was married forcefully – I really need help it’s urgent

I am not satisfied with my nikah. I tried a lot to love him but just his attitude his anger make me more far from him.

Would you stay or leave?

My husband is very disrespectful to me. He doesn’t care about Islam. He’s just all about the dunya and making money.

Forced to choose between my husband and my siblings

Many times my husband drives me out of the house. Now he is asking me not to visit my brothers and sisters.

Help needed in understanding istikhara

I’m married but separated as was victim of domestic violence… My husband wants us to get back together and my family really insisting me for divorce.

Not sure whether I should divorce- please help!

He’s forcing me to have children with him now and forcing me to stop taking the pill so I need to make a decision ASAP.

I need advice on my dysfunctional marriage…

What’s bad now is I think we are expecting and I don’t want to have a child right now. I would love to have a child but we aren’t stable enough…

Expensive Marriage!

Expectations from the bride’s family were declared haram. My husband and his family said they never wanted anything before the marriage however later on they had a lot they wanted.

Alone wife with serious marriage problems

When he gets angry, he slaps me, he says very abusive dirty words about my mom and dad, like prostitute pimp etc, though he is double masters. I don’t like this and when I say your mom is too like this he yells so badly at me and say my mom with very very dirty words which makes me kill myself at the very moment.

Please help me escape this cycle of abuse?

I’m very lost and now I have nowhere to go…