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Forced to choose between my husband and my siblings

Woman aloneAssalamualaikum brother,

I have been married since 3yrs. Everything was going on smoothly. But then my mother in law started to create rift between me and my husband. When my husband is not at home, she would say nasty things to me and swearing at my deceased parents.

My husband and I am getting a lot of problems..... Many a time he drives me away from the house. Now he is asking me not to go visit my sisters and brothers..... He is asking me to choose between him and my brother and sisters..... When I said to him if I ask you to choose between your mum and me? He then said that he would rather choose his mum than me.....

My life is not becoming easy here at his place..... It is my second marriage..... I am an orphan..... I do not have a place to go..... Please advise me..... Jazak Allah khairan.


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  1. Sister don't ever let him stop you from seeing your family!!! He is trying to control your life too much and it will cause even more problems!!

    That is your family you have to tell him you were not born under a tree and you will see your brother and sisters.

    I've been in same situation where this happened and my xhusband wouldn't allow me to even go to my cousin wedding! I went and he didn't come at the end he abused me verbally and my mother in law was doing the sme like hits

    My point is don't let him take the only thing left of family!! Bcuz when he leaves at the end you only have family

    Not saying you will get a divorce but I'm saying small things like this if you let me control it will cause more problems like for me

  2. Salam sister, sorry to hear about your situation,

    sister, could you advise if you live with your mother in law or not? and has your relationship always been strained.

    Is their any particular reason that your husband is preventing your from seeing your siblings? does he believe they are influencing you negatively etc
    what do you mean when you say 'he drives you away from the house' do you mean this in a literal sense, i.e drives you somewhere and leaves you there, or do you mean, you leave out of your own choice for peace etc.....

    maybe if you could answer the above we might be able to offer you better advice, the information you have offered is a bit vague.

    Jazakallah khairan

  3. All these about not being able to see your own family is rubbish. This south Asian marriages comes from Indian Hindu culture where ones the girl is married, she belongs to the husband's family and works like a maid, and needs permission to do anything. This is not marriage but stupid traditions that makes no sense...girls are oppressed and abused.

  4. Continuously read Astaghfirullah . all will be fine.



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