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My MIL imposes authority over me and my husband and he doesn’t find it bad

I find it really disheartening that I’m living with her against my likeness, living a lifestyle that she’s set… I have already given up a lot of rights and she won’t let me go and spend some time at my parents house comfortably. My husband finds it fine.


What should I do now? Should I give him divorce?

Not sure whether I should divorce- please help!

He’s forcing me to have children with him now and forcing me to stop taking the pill so I need to make a decision ASAP.

I need help with my mother in law

My husband does not speak up for me. He stays quiet when his mother swears at me and calls me disgusting names. I am very worried she may have done black magic or something similar.

How can I cope with my oppressive Mother in Law?

I need to find a way to live in that house without feeling trapped, anxious, scared or depressed…

Six months with no contact from husband abroad

My mother decided the situation was getting worse and these people were liars because their son was unable to call me to the UK, and now they only want to control me. She thought that after quiting my job I will be totally helpless, on the mercy of my mother in law. So my mother decided not to send me to my in laws. My husband stopped calling me. Meanwhile, my scholarship for Germany got finalized.

I dont know what to do about my posessive mother in law

My mother in law is very possessive… even the servants are rude to me. It’s now my fault that we are unable to have kids… it’s Allah’s will so what can I do? I think if artificial insemination fails they’ll divorce me.

My mother in law wants to control my life

My mother in law wants to control my wife and my family too. She creating problem like; what to wear; what to eat.. where to go or not ..she feel bad when our relationer come at my home and she also says if we not accept her talks she went to police for make a complaint against us in dowry act… i m very affraid. what i do?

His parents aren’t letting us live separately

I hate the culture I am born in. It’s like a wife is just a servant, a sex toy for her husband but parents are God (Auzubillah), as if everything they say is written in stone and even if it goes against Islam it must be followed. I can’t take this anymore. I’m so shattered. I can’t eat, drink, sleep. I want to make this proposal halal by marrying this man. He was the one I always made duaa for so why are his parents doing this to us?