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Seeking guidance about proposals

One proposal is Shia and I am Sunni .. I am more inclined towards this guy but I am worried about the family issues and also lifelong problems.

I feel like the worst human ever

I pray every chance there is and I get shirk thoughts like “I did shirk – oh no – I’m destined for hell now”. I can never pray salah without this stuff and it makes me cry a lot.

Is it love or just lust?

Every time I found something new about Islam I regretted the fact that I lost someone like him because everything he said was right.

Considering divorce

I believe he accepted Islam to get married. He does not hinder me from practising Islam, but I believe he is still a Christian. I am at my wits end and believe I have condemned my children religiously.

My husband is not anymore the man I married

We met at a masjid and masha ALLAH he was on the deen, always studying Islam, Quran and hadiths and we use to have long conversations about Islam because we loved to talk about Islam. He was energetic and so pious masha ALLAH, he would lower his gaze automatically when other women come. We also had the same plans in life. I fell in love with him because of his deen, great character, his love for ALLAH and Islam. And not too long after I prayed Istikhara (I wanted to marry him). He ask me to marry him, I was so happy and I accepted and I made sure he knew that all that I want from him is to bring strong Islamic value to the table, he agreed.

Did we sin by marrying despite my in laws’ disapproval?

My husband and I were both born in the USA so we understand that Islamically this is permitted and culture does not matter. I know it is haram to cut off ties with family, but my in laws refuse to accept me as their daughter in law, and are upset with their son for going against them. Have we sinned? I know we are to obey parents, but in matters of deen, such as marriage, obedience to Allah comes first.

I’ve increased in deen and my wife hasn’t: now we are arguing

Assalaam Alaikum. I married a non-Muslim woman and we have a 4 year old daughter. When I married her she was a Christian but nominally converted to Islam. At that time I was not very serious about my religion. However, after my daughter was born I have become more religious. I have also been trying to gently nudge my wife towards becoming a more observant Muslim for the last few years.