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She says her marriage to me was forced and she doesn’t want it

She is saying that this Nikkah is not valid because it was forced. But I’m confused because she said she wanted to try. Now she wants to get out of it using “forced marriage hadith.”

My father is cheating on my mother

I’ve been wanting to confront my dad about it, but I’m scared he’ll cut me off (won’t give me any money, kick me out the house etc). My dad has a very big ego and I feel like confronting him with the truth will make him angrier. I don’t want this to ruin my family. I’ve been dealing with this for 2-3 years, and been in denial.

She forced me to marry her!

When I went to her country to meet her, I saw her and I didn’t like her, even though we saw each other on web cam before. She was looking older, and I was very confused. My mouth was totally shut. She took me to her home, and I found that she arranged everything for marriage the next day.

I don’t know what to do with my wife

One head tells me be patient and she will change, and other head tells me it will just get worse. But I cannot do anything because of the babies. I have thought many times and I believe now that if we didn’t have any children, maybe it would be better to divorce and finish it.

Is he a real Muslim man?

When our relationship ended, he twisted everything so that it was my fault that things had gone wrong, only because I said that I thought he was scamming me and he could not forgive me for what I had said to him. He was very horrible to me on a message, and called me a racist when I said that Muslim men are supposed to provide for their families. The strange thing is he also goes to pubs and nightclubs (although he does not drink), and chats to women on Facebook, which I did not think was accepted in Islam.

My marriage is suffering because of his lies

My father made some agreements with my husband’s consent before the nikah for my safety just in case we seek divorce, as my father never trusts him. My husband lied to me and my parents about his qualifications,even then I sat for nikah as he touched me before nikah.

My husband denies watching porn and carrying condoms

I recently found out that my husband has been watching a lot of pornography on the internet, has signed up with dating agencies, proposed to a woman (she turned him down), and carried condoms on a trip.

Secretly married to an Algerian who pretends to be a doctor

Salams. I am married to an Algerian. His family is unaware that he is married. His family thinks that he is a doctor. He is afraid of telling them the truth because it may have serious consequences. I desperately want children and now because of this he refuses to have children with me. What should i do?