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I am Christian and want to be his second wife; is it possible?

he said he loves me so much and he very happy..we are not living together, but we are planning to get married in philippines when i go hime for he wants to go with me there. is it possible for us? if yes what are needed for us to have our marriege.

Any Surahs/dua/supplications to help relieve my mother’s situation?

all i know that my father had black magic done on him long ago by his own family aka his mother and sister in law i don’t know why people would want to destroy their own children’s family is there any Surat’s that i can pry to help my mum with this situation this has gone on for far too long i want to see her happy and me to stop worrying about her because this is effecting my siblings as well i would be so grateful if anyone can help me

Stressful marriage lead me to commit sins, I want to repent and get rid of these habits

one day i was really depressed and i just went on face book and started talking to a man who was 15 years older than me . he just showed me love and affection which i was lacking in my life i ended up having on-line affair with him and he introduced me to masturbation now i am addicted to him and masturbation but on the other side i am really scared and fearful and want to get rid of these bad habits but don’t know what to do please advise me and all brothers and sisters pray for me.

Wife has relations with other men, what do I do?

I am writing this when i am in so much painful situation, We are muslim, our marriage was love+arrange and 5 and half years before we married and we have 2 daughters one 2 and half years old and other one 4 years old, in start everything was well after 3 years of marriage i knew my wife has a friend who was her class mate in university and now he is asking her that he want to marry her and she should to marry him even he knows she is married and she has kids.

We committed adultery; Now, can I marry her after she is divorced?

Now, I get a feeling that I should marry her. So, can I marry her or not? Can I marry her if she has been divorced? or what should I do if she has not been divorced?

Should I tell my husband that I cheated on him with my ex?

I’m in such a big mess right now and I don’t know what to do.
4 years ago I got into a thing with a Muslim boy named Ammar. At that time I was a Christian, and in the beginning I flirted, danced and kissed a couple of boys during the first weeks we were together.
I stopped when our relationship eventually got serious and after a year together it became very strong and we had sex.

Young Single Christian Mum – Muslim Father, Muslim Son

Salaams People,

I’m a 21 year old Christian but I’ve got a child from a Muslim guy. My son is Muslim as well.

I love them both with all my heart, I need advice so badly.

My boyfriend and I are two years together. After we had our son, he changed a lot in a bad way. We never really see him as he spends most of his time with his friends.