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Seeking marriage for my masturbation addiction

Please tell me what I should do, because I keep on getting the same advice all the time from the local imam. I do pray 5 times a day, I also pray my sunnah prayers too- I pray as much as possible. I even fast Mondays and Thursdays. Even during the month of Ramadan my sex drive is getting high, and I can’t help but to masturbate after Maghrib. Everytime I do masturbate I feel so guilty about doing it, and I don’t want to feel this way.

Masturbation during Ramadan

I have an addiction with masturabation. Tell me how to discontinue it, but first tell me can we fast in the form of nijasasast (after masturbating) if we have not had time to ghusal?

Am I allowed to scuba dive while fasting during Ramadan?

It’s not for pleasure but it’s my duty as a diving instructor.

Am I allowed to perform my expiation for breaking a promise during Ramadan? (and how to increase Iman)

The soonest I could fast is when Ramadan starts. Since fasting is already compulsory during Ramadan, would my expiation still be valid?

What is the Evidence that says Masturbation is Haraam?

It’s been over 2 months since I last masturbated(because i heard it was Haram from a friend and stopped) and I never watched porn/bikini mag/video/etc. I didn’t then and don’t intend to ever. I know the sunnah says to fast but that’s not going to work

My father mocks Islam and it’s ruining my fast

Although I was raised in a Pakistani family, my father believes in Communism, believes in extra-marital sex and looks to science and ration/reason as his god (Astaghfirullah).

I am only 17 but I have these strong urges to get married; is it normal?

Although I know that being married isn’t easy, there’s are a lot of complication and hard stuff involved. It is not easy and I am mature enough to understand that. But I really wish like hell to find my “one”.

Want to be good wife and also make up missed fasts

I am 23 years old and Iam married and have 8months daughter mashallah. I want to confess, I have done some bad things with my husband I lied to him still shukuralhumdulliah he gave me chance to become a good person. The problem is still he is angry with me well that’s normal, and he said that it will take him 4/5 years to become normal with me.

I recite Quran, Fast and wear Hijab but I don’t pray Salaah

Ok, so I fast, I read Quran and I wear a scarf but I have one thing. I dont pray. Some part of me wants to but I dont know. I try so hard to convince myself to pray, but if I pray for a day, the rest of the week or two days I don’t.

Can my non-Muslim friend fast for one day in Ramadan

My non muslim friend asked if he could keep a fast for one day during ramadan. He wanted to feel what muslims feel. Also he wanted to keep fast as a mark of respect for a muslim friend of his…