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What’s my repentance?

We started having oral sex, then when we were fooling around we kinda had sexual intercourse.

Personal issues

I love him a lot but now I’m married to another person…

Do I owe her marriage?

Do I destroy her life? What do I do?

High sexual drive and fear

I still have a high sexual drive and no matter how hard I try I can’t stop myself from having sexual fantasies about my exes.

In need of hope..too many issues with Self

I am drowned in negative thoughts and emotions regardless of constantly praying and thinking about Allah.

I don’t know what is going on with me…

Salam. I am a university student. Muslim. i dont know what is going on with me. At 1 st yr i chatted with a boy; i fell in love with her. I was from abroad. I didnt meet her ever. But when parents know; taken back phone. In 2nd yr i got a friend who […]

Asking for forgiveness

I have had physical relationships but now I found myself guilty… I was unaware of this gunah – I was blind.

Advising A Muslim Sister

I am very worried about her, it’s obvious the kind of life she is living. Should I talk to her and advise her?

My sins are making me depressed

I really need to write and let my problems out and I hope you guys don’t judge me. Please don’t judge me.

Questions about sexting and masturbation in Islam

Starting at a young age for a very long time I was molested… I feel like the biggest reason behind these sexual acts and my high sex drive is what I went through when I was young.