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What’s my repentance?

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Assalaam alaikum

I just turned 18 this year and ive been in a relationship with a guy for like 4 years now

we didnt do any kind of physical stuff other than kissing until this year. After his birthday we decided to fool around at his frnds house and one thing lead to another, and we started having oral sex. Didnt think that was kind of a big deal until one day when we were fooling around we kinda had sexual intercourse. But it didnt go all the way in, it got in for only a few inches,it did hurt a little but there was no bleeding. But after that day i realised how guilty i was for doing that it was like breaking a promise i kept to my self, i was to repent so much. We didnt do such a thing after that.

so my question is whats my repentance fir this? Is this considered as zina ? And do i have to have 100 lashes for repentance?



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  1. AstafulAllah that's really bad . Are guys still together Such a Haram relationship . Muslim girl please marry this guy or break up with him till you want to Marry . Very Haram thing that happened. Showing your body to non mohrem Male and physically touching is Haram . Plse repent and don't kiss him again or touch him

  2. Dear sister.
    Allah almighty is the most benificient and the most merciful. Use this feeling of regret and guilt to find ur way back toward the path of Islam. Make a commitment of not repeating any forbidden act again. This will be your repentance.
    Punishment of lashes is applicable only when there are eye witnesses. So dont let anyone know about this act of yours.

  3. Yes ..This is clear cut Zina .No doubt .

    Stop it .Repent it from Allah .Cut all ties with this boy .

    Once death comes we will be accountable for such actions .Life is short so make right choices .

  4. How do you "kind of" have sexual intercourse? You either did have sexual intercourse, or you didn't. It doesn't matter how many inches he got in to - if he got in, it's sexual intercourse. Also, bleeding is absolutely no indicator for anything - many virgins don't bleed at all the first time they have sex. Please educate yourself on sex before practicing it. And if you did not use a condom when you had oral sex and sexual intercourse, please go get tested for STDs and pregnancy.

    No offence, but you sound really immature and ignorant about both sex, relationships and Islam. I suggest that you open books more than you open your legs.

  5. Do not tell anyone and repent sincerly ALLAH will forgive you IN SHALLAH you should cutoff with him ,if your parents are agree to marry with him then get marey with him. The conditions for repentance are well known:
    1. Leaving the sin;
    2. Remorse over having committed the sin;
    3. Resolve never to return to the sin;
    4. (If it relates to the rights of another person, then to) Return the rights or property one wrongly took. [al-Bariqa fi Sharh al-Tariqa; Riyad al-Salihin]

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