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Living with vitiligo

I saw it on a website that if I mix warm olive oil with rose water and read surah fatih 7 times on it.. the patches will disappear in sha Allah..

Please help and pray for my daughter

Her mental growth is below her age. She is lacking visual perception. She has attention deficiency also.

I’ve found a lump…

[Editor’s note: This post is about women’s health – please keep answers supportive and within limits.]

I have an unknown illness………..

I often pray to ALLAH for help but my prayers are not accepted. Is it Test or punishment from ALLAH or is it a magic?

I feel my death coming, it is frightening

I anticipate my death coming. It truly is a frightening experiance and i get this every day. I been told by the doctor that i have anxiety.

I fear my diabetes will be a barrier in finding a marriage partner

I am still suffering from low self esteem and even after a year things are sama as they were before..

Is it healthy to be virgin after 30?

I have this concern that there might be health risks on staying a virgin for long.. We were having a group discussion (general and not Muslims only), …

Is it permissible to terminate a pregnancy that threatens her life?

I am married with three kids the younger one is 8 months old now. We always used protection before to go to my wife, but now because of some misfortune my wife is one week delayed for her monthly period. Our all kids were born with operation, and now she can not afford another operation.

My child is not responding to meds, he needs to gain weight

My son is 4 years old . But he is very thin and not gaining height also. I have tried everything, all medical, tonics all are in vain .